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  • jk91932 jk91932 Aug 26, 2011 10:40 AM Flag


    Just remember, always say NO when it comes to outsourcing our water and wastewater services to crappy, for profit, companies like veolia water.

    The business of water needs to always stay in the public's hands, so they always have a say....not outsourced to foreign companies, who make decisions behind closed doors and who's only concern is their bottom line. Foreign owned companies like veolia water and BP have demonstrated over and over again that they just dont have the level of concern for OUR environment as an AMERICAN owned company would have to. And they always find ways to dance around American laws that are in place to protect us. And when the "bio-solids" hit the fan,companies like veolia can just pack up shop and leave town, just like the rainmakers did in years gone by.

    Always pay attention to who is in charge of YOUR water supply and who wants to be in charge of your water supply and be smart enough to always vote NO on any outsourcing of our vital water supply.

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    • Did you get fired when your system went private. You sound a little bitter.

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      • the end result of outsourcing and the amount of profits that have to be paid do not equate to any savings. Ask Indianapolis about these costs associated with veolia. Also, the so called savings are not being seen in Richmond CA either. the veolia operated wwtp there sends H2S into the air everyday for the surrounding population to breath. The company is loaded with incompetence at every level. Last, no I did not get fired by veolia...I quit that crappy company to SAVE my State Certification FROM their incompetence.

      • >Did you get fired when your system went private. You sound a little bitter.

        There are a lot of folks that would rather have government run as much as possible, regardless of the quality or cost of the service. There are so many examples, like the dismally run Post Office that will lose billions every year. Who doesn't think FedEx or UPS could run things better and make nice profit? Or how about public education, where so many of our kids are not getting an education while the teachers fight for more pay and benefits every year, regardless of objective performance metrics like graduation rates or standardized test performance?

        Monopolies are very bad in the private sector, but it's just fine when the government is involved, even when it comes to our kids. Double standard? You bet. In the private sector, if you don't perform your firm fails or you get fired. This is quite an incentive to perform well. In government, accountability is weak at best, whenever an incumbent favoring election comes along. Ever notice how hard it is to fire government workers or teachers compared to the rest of us?

        There are many that believe that it is better to have government run things so that other don't make a profit. What they fail to recognize is that the forgone profits are going into the pockets of employees and politicians while the rest of us get poor services for the price we pay as taxpayers. You may laugh, but there are a lot of closet socialists in this country that want government to be as big as possible. In the mean time, they will bash and regulate and tax private sector firms into submission. And we wonder why there is little economic growth and high unemployment.

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