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  • nkinnear nkinnear Jul 19, 2013 11:34 AM Flag

    Give me a good reason to buy Ve

    Why should i buy this company. Impress me.

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    • do you use water?

    • Not sure I'd define it in terms of labels. I think VE's product mix is a good place to invest. Socialist/capitalist? I think the trend is more in terms of public/private partnerships, which happens a lot in the most socialist of them all, China. It is also happening in Indiana, one of the most pro capitalist states in the U.S.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Let's face facts, the world is moving to a
      more global socialist economy, you can't stop it.
      The best you can do is position yourself to profit from it.
      VE is the company that is going to bring
      clean drinking water to Africa.
      Someone will pay for it,
      The US, The UN, The EU, maybe even China.
      It's going to happen and this is your chance to profit.

    • Why do I care if you buy this company? Impress me.

    • Motely Fool article:
      "Bullish sentiments have been expressed on Clean Harbors and US Ecology, as well as on Veolia. More or less, this is an affirmation on the potent growth opportunities on business platforms aligned with sustainable economic development.

      As a final take though, Veolia looks as a leading choice among the three based on current valuations. Currently moving at a 52-week band of $9.37-14.06, Veolia has an estimated 12.35 P/E ratio, compared to US Ecology’s 19.44 and Clean Harbors’ 30.36. Veolia’s current dividend yield of 7.20% likewise appears superior. Additionally, the upside potential favors Veolia which is trading at 5.25% over its price last year whereas US Ecology is already 65% above its price level last year."

      I also own WM besides VE and have made profits on both. They are long term holds for me and will buy more on any big price dips. i also believe that clean water companies and companies focused on desalinization and purification are companies to hold long term since clean water will become more scarce and world population is increasing. Maybe try a waer etf?

      Sentiment: Buy

    • CEO: Veolia may boost up to Eur5 billion revenue from Oil sector

      IVC POST | IVCPOST Staff Reporter Updated: Jul 05, 2013 12:31 PM EDT

      Veolia Environment SA was expected to boost income from oil and gas ventures by five-fold to approximately Eur5 billion equivalent to US$6.4 billion. Veolia was Europe's largest water corporation. The proceeds would be earned within four years with the help of drilling shales and dismantling of mature offshore platforms.
      According to Chief Executive Officer Antoine Frerot, the hydrocardon industry was "rapidly growing and rich." In a summit held today, he outlined his plans to bring the convenience into areas more directly associated to the industry. "Profit margins are attractive."

      Frerot also publicized resourcefulness that moved the Paris-headquartered business from its significant municipal water and waste deals. The utility would concentrate on developing markets and confront the "most complex" industrial waste difficulties, he added.

      Veolia already earned around Eur1 billion per year from its oil and gas enterprises. This also included water distribution and treatment for offshore production system and high-pressure washing of storage tanks.
      (end article)

    • I'll give you a good reason to sell and short. Simply Goldman's buy rec. means this dog is going down. Goldman's Anal-lysts always pumps for their traders.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • For 2013, Veolia's targeted net financial debt will be around €6-7 billion euros. Waste Management's net financial debt is around $10 billion. Veolia's has 2-3 x more revenues that Waste Management. Veolia's P/B is 0.71 vs Waste Management's P/B of 3 (According to Yahoo). Veolia's restructuring is expecting to reduce cost by €750 by 2015. Need more be said?