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  • peilthetraveler peilthetraveler Jul 25, 2011 4:28 PM Flag

    If the CEO is selling, why are you buying?

    Greenhill, Bok and all the other insiders have been selling away for the last 3 years. How much selling? They've liquidated at least 75% of all their shares EACH. When This company went public, the insiders owned nearly 50% of this company. Today they own just over 6%. What does that tell you? With greenhill taking a 20 million dollar payday plus another $75 million per year in stock sales, what do you think is going to happen when he sells his last million shares? Greenhill will hit the road like every other insider that has already finished selling their shares, OR he will raise his bonus and the stock will take a hit. This stock is trading way above the industry avg p/e ratio. Best case scenario, this stock only falls to $30 per share.

    This company is nothing more than an ATM machine for greenhill and his cohorts and YOU people are filling up the ATM for him every night.

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    • sounds like taser co. insiders.

    • Well, up to you, you're a big boy. But I will leave you with dont invest in a company, you invest in the people running it. Now the guys running this company are very smart guys. Smarter than many other CEOs and COO's and such. Unfortunately, they would rather use that intellect to squeeze as much money as possible out of shareholders and then leave them holding the bag. I think this company is going to $20. If they still keep the .45 quarterly divy by then, then I think it will be a decent buy, but no point buying into a company with a 4% divy when its lost 50% of its value in the last 6 months.

    • As Republicans and Democrats squabble over the U.S. debt ceiling, banks are asking regulators how bonds will be treated in the event of a default.

      Even a credit rating downgrade would have serious consequences. Multiply this impact throughout the rest of the economy and the world!!!!

      Greenhill & Co., Inc. operates as an independent investment bank. The company focuses on providing financial advice on mergers, acquisitions, restructurings, fund placement, financings, and capital raisings to corporations, partnerships, institutions, and governments.

    • One thing about a debt downgrade for America will in a preverse way, bring GHL more business. IMO there will be a greater need for municipalities, states, businesses, as well as countries to restructure or refinance there debts in a very smart way in this hostile debt environment. So my belief is this kind of environment may lead GHL to an even more robust business environment going forward.

    • Sounds like one read the Barrons article. They tried to trash the company a year ago, only to see the price rise from a low in July near $59 to a high of near $83 in the third and fourth quarter. Go back and look at the chart. Same song different verse. Place your bets!

      The company is coming off a great Q2, netting 69 cents per share, double the consensus estimate and up from 57 cents in the year-earlier period. Q2 also saw the company comp ratio at 46%, consistent with their historical ratio. Not to mention their strong balance sheet, cash flow and what they have in the pipeline.

      The weakness one could see in the Q3 & Q4 Greenhill story could be on the compensation front, given the current PPS and due to restricted stock being issued to employees in recent years. However, the company still has 68+ million in authorization to repurchase shares, so some would say the company starts to defend the PPS here during their traditional yearly PPS lows. Some could also say when that happens, 5 million shorts could be caught with their pants down. IMHO

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      • I didnt read any article on this company. I went through the SEC filings which is how I came to my conclusions.

        and $68 million in authorization is nothing. Greenhill himself, sold more than that last year.(and he also sold that much the year before and the year before) You are speculating that they MIGHT buy back shares when in reality the insiders are selling that much and more every year.

        I will ask again...if this company is so great, why are ALL the insiders selling. Now if it was 1 or 2 insiders selling a few shares here and there, I wouldnt say anything bad about this company...But ALL of them are selling...ALL OF THEM! That right there is something fishy. If the rats are heading higher, that means the ship is sinking or at the very least has a big hole in it somewhere.

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