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  • jmilton6789 May 6, 2013 6:50 AM Flag

    Question?? Please respond

    I feel like Nuvo is very undervalued compared to many other pharma companies. Do you guys think nuvo could be a possible buyout?

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    • I think if they were willing to sell, they'd make a great buyout candidate. Especially once they get Pennsaid 2% approved, they will easily surpass $10 million in annual royalties. Nuvo’s short-term problem is that they’re spending more than that on operating expenses in order to develop and market other drugs. If another company could buy Nuvo for 10 cents per share ($56 million), they could just cut out all the operating expenses and collect royalties for the next 20 years. Would a company be willing to do that? Absolutely. Would Nuvo be willing to sell for that price? Only if they get desperate enough. The royalties that they no longer have to work for certainly make the downside of this stock seem very low.

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      • jmilton6789 May 8, 2013 12:34 PM Flag

        Completely agree. I feel 56 million is still to cheap for this stock as a buyout. I feel a company that can show it has the ability to work with FDA regulations and gain approval are huge with such a small Market cap. Look at how many Pharma Companies are out there with no approved drugs and are worth 250 million. I feel like we need to stop focusing on other drugs and use the remaining cash to work on the ones already approved until we can become profitable. Once becoming profitable, we should gain some capital and focus on the successful pipeline of the drugs this company has still in development.. I don't know, I feel like im either gunna hit a home run here or totally strikeout. Either way I think Long term could easily be a 10 banger. Buy buy buy and have patience

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      • hows nriff share price working out for ya now stockatwork?

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