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  • sunwyboy sunwyboy May 3, 2000 7:40 PM Flag

    Why 3600 is a strong support for Naz...

    Because of the amount of selling in the 3200 to
    3400 range. We won't make any new lows from here and
    if we touch below 3600, it won't last long. If I am
    wrong about this, then look out below because it will
    be a full blown crach again. There is no reason for
    us to sell below this level and all you TA guys can
    take a hike. If it weren't for us fundamental guys,
    you wouln't even have anything to talk about. What
    you do is about as good a reading tea leaves and the
    way you all talk about it like it is a "sure thing"
    that it has to act the way you say because "the chart
    say so". What a bunch of crap! Charts don't make any
    profits, revenues, new products, sign up new customers,
    develope new technology, or increase profit margins. Those
    are the things that make the stock world go 'round,
    not "charts".

    Get you TA head out of your TA
    ass and balance it with some common


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    • Undoubtedly you are right that fundamentals
      ultimately drive valuations for companies in the long term.
      Without cash flows etc, there is no company, well
      certainly in the long term.

      I started out as a pure
      fundamentalist because that is what makes sense. I learnt some
      of the rudiments of TA purely to see someone else's
      perspective and got a mighty surprise as I listened to what
      they were saying. TA can help pinpoint the time or the
      price at which a series of prices MIGHT change, or
      MIGHT bounce or MIGHT go through.

      There is no
      certainty. But all I can say is one thing. I never got my
      TIMING right with purely fundamental investing. With
      some TA (and I guess much TA depends on your own
      analysis and interpretation of that analysis) I massively
      improved my timing and hence my profits.

      The fact
      does remain, regardless of what the markets did or did
      not do, regardless of what DIGL has done (which I am
      a big fan of), that DIGL did turn around at $75, it
      did fall to $56 (lower actually) and $60 has proved
      to be both a ceiling and a floor. All this was
      enabled by use of TA in some form or other.

      agree with you that the underlying driver of the
      company's value is its actual business activities. I
      believe DIGL to be a very exciting prospect, primarily
      because of its business activities which are already
      producing great revenue and profit growth. Thereafter, I
      need some way of identifying when might be a good time
      to buy or sell.

      Hopefully you now see this as
      a common sense contribution to your eloquent

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      • input. I guess I went a little overboard because
        I do look at the charts a little myself. It seems
        though at times like this TA people really come out in
        force and, I am aggitated with the market's action

        On one thing we can definitely agree is
        our fondness for this stock. I like what I see in
        this company. I am a big fiber fan and think it is THE
        industry of the next 10 years. I also own ETEK/JDSU, HLIT,
        PMCS, and a little BVSN. Any thoughts on why Tektronics
        (TEK) is trading at such a low PE. I am not really
        interested but did notice that they are competition for
        DIGL. My only guess is the low Profit Margin they are
        having. I really would like for this stock to base in
        here a little more so I can buy more of the stock at
        these price levels.

        Again thanks for the input
        and good luck!