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  • johnlobur johnlobur Dec 30, 2011 6:03 PM Flag

    Take a sober look at this company

    Your not seeing this clearly. The Teas are very good, I have been in two stores already (at opposite ends of the country) with large amounts of sales taking place, AND, actually, per 8 oz cup, even the most expensive teas are usually AT LEAST 1/2 the price of Starbucks. For example, a high end tea like Monkey Picked Oolong is 25$ for an average of 27 teaspoons. 1 teaspoon = 8 oz of tea, or twice that if you resteep (like I do). = 92 cents per cup, or 46 cents if you resteep. That is THE most expensive tea. My favorites, though, are in the 12-15$ range = @20-55 cents a cup. Waaaay cheaper than SBUX, like 1/3 cheaper. Nothing against SBUX, I like the coffee... I drink it, but I like tea too, and I like how it's cheaper.