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  • brandonr888 brandonr888 Dec 4, 2012 8:26 PM Flag

    Thanks you to the seller at $14.00!!

    I want to thank the person that let me buy TEA 1100 shares at $14.00.. Who ever was on that side of the trade made a real bad mistake!!... As in my previous post I am a HUGE seller of TEA puts..This merger is a done deal.. We all are going to find out when SBUX has nothing but good things to say about Teavana at their investor conference in New York tomorrow..SBUX bought TEA on the cheap.. And Howard Schultz knows this.. There is NO way they will back out of this.. SBUX gets to add 300+ locations to there portfolio for a dirt cheap price..

    TEA has been manipulated because the float is only 2 million.. Its has been trading half its float everyday now.. Doesn't take much to make TEA move.. These games end tomorrow as this merger will close before the end of the month....

    listen to the SBUX conference call the day the merge was announced .. Schultz acts like a kid in a candy store.. He couldn't be more then happy to buy TEA at only 620m. 620m is a drop in the bucket for SBUX..

    Good luck too all..

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I'm just curious Brandon...with the HUGE put selling you have been doing, please tell me you're not going to lose everything IF this deal is NOT announced and the stock gets cut in half? I really do hope you aren't risking everything on this deal being done. That is far too risky a bet to take. Once again, I don't know if this deal gets done or not (although I don't half your confidence) but relying on Schultz's "excitement" the day of the announcement BUT BEFORE the report is not the best indicator. Good luck Brandon....

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      • Trock.. I am not going to lose everything if the deal does not close. I am mostly a seller of 12.50 puts. I am a portfolio manager & have been in this business since 1998..

        Most of my trading at the time is looking for opportunities as massive inflation comes are way. Physical silver is the best play out there & we could see silver double next year..

        As far as TEA.. I know this company well & I know SBUX well. TEA is the Starbucks of tea. To be honest I don't think SBUX cares about the tea Teavana sells. They are buying TEA for the 300 plus locations & to get into the tea market in a major way.. I made my major trades on this before I listened to the conference call. It just reinforced that this will be a DONE deal..

        We have a short seller, not that short selling is bad.. (I make a ton of money shorting).. They come out a week after the merger with there report. They made a awesome trade. Buy a ton of puts & short TEA around $15.45.. Release the report & hope people get scared & sell. If TEA doesn't drop they lose very little money. Well there has been some selling & they have made a ton of money. The Risk vs Reward was a real easy bet for them... But in all honesty what they did was VERY unethical. Who knows what is true or not & they only did this because they knew they had a good chance to push down a VERY low float stock down with no risk at all.. It was free money to them.. Manipulation at its finest!!!

        That trade is over.. SBUX will come out tomorrow & say the merger is on track to close very soon & the short side of this trade is over..again SBUX bought TEA on the cheap. SBUX is up since the merger was announced..

        The report has received no press at all, except on the street. In the real world no one that is a customer knows or cares about all this #$%$ going on...

        We will see TEA above 15 before the end of the week.. Mark this post... And again best of luck to all..

        Sentiment: Strong Buy


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