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  • newbobe01 newbobe01 Mar 9, 2007 4:19 PM Flag

    Visit to San Antonio KONA

    I gave my in-laws a free night out at the KONA in San Antonio on me with the promise that they would share their experience with me as soon as they visited. They arrived Wednesday night around 6:15 PM and were immediately seated in the dining room. Their waiter, who called himself "NACHO" arrived at their table within seconds after being seated. All night he appeared time and time again to check on them, "how was that?","do you need anything?" Both said he was outstanding. Case in point, my brother in law ordered sushi without a sauce that usually comes on that kind of sushi. When the sushi arrived, it had the sauce. Out of nowhere, NACHO appeared and wisked the incorrect order back to the sushi bar and was back in less than a minute with the sushi without the sauce. He said it was delicious! My sister in law ordered a drink which she said phonetically comes out "I'm gonna wanta lay u". She said it was fantastic. For entrees, she ordered the Macademia Nut Chicken and he ordered the meatloaf. She said her chicken was great, especially the sauce which she said she wished there had been more of. I noted the same thing when I visited the Carmel location back in July of 06'. My brother in law loved the meatloaf, but suprisingly said the portion was rather "skimpy". Both ordered dessert. She got the Creme Brulee and he the ultimate brownie. The Creme Brulee was to quote her " the very best I have ever had in my life!" Unfortunately, the brownie was the biggest disappointment of the evening. While huge, it was dry and had little taste per my brother in law. Again, ditto my experience at Carmel. The Manager was by their table twice during the evening to check to see if everything was OK. They said they left a little past 7:15 PM and people were stacked up waiting on tables. Two other comments, she indicated that the area where people waited for tables to open up forced them to "sit on the flowers" in the entry area (the benches were too narrow), and my brother in law said the fish tank "was cloudy". I take the last comment with a grain of salt as my brother in law works for Sea World which makes a living not having cloudy tanks. All and all their both said their experience was excellent and thanked me over and over again for introducing the restaurant to them. Both rated the service a "10". Food and drink, she rated a "9", he rated a solid "8". As far was local, it is located in the "THE High end mall" area in San Antonio with all of the top stores. It is an open, outdoor concept similar to what I saw in Carmel. My brother in law said it has virtually no competition at this time and will printing money. I told them that I would, sometime during the summer, cover another night out, only a little later this time. By then the bar should be humming and I'll get a different picture how they are performing when the wait gets a little longer. So there it is Konerites, as verbatum as I can recall. Keep the faith!

    Uncle Bob

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