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  • coawine1620 coawine1620 Apr 4, 2007 4:09 PM Flag

    Was watching trades today and

    it looks to me like someone is manipulating the stock price by shorting a few shares at a time. Will have someone look into it. Several managers are on the SEC radar screen for this right now - especially with the thinly traded stocks. SEC will appreciate the tip if its the case.

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    • Co,

      I know its not right but i think we all understand this goes on all the time. I'm not saying its not harmful but it really burns the short-term traders unless someone needs to get out now. I really don't mind it because for me this is a long-term hold so I don't care a whole lot if the stock dropped to $7 (as long as the long-term story seemed intact). As you know, my average buy-ins were a couple bucks higher than the current price. I'm hoping to add more at these prices and if this quarter turns out soft for weather and competition, I'll add more in the 11-12s. Time is on my side. Doesn't matter where you start in the race only were you end up. In five years, I don't think i'll care much whether I bought at 14, 17, or 19. I have held stocks in the red for over a year without thinking twice as long as the long-term story is intact.

    • If you ever suspicion this send and email to - Make sure you know what you are talking about and have some proof. I use to be in this business and its upsetting to see people cheat the market.

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