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  • newbobe01 newbobe01 Apr 29, 2010 4:44 PM Flag

    Congratulations morons!!!

    I am right with you Saber, in more ways than 1. Yeah, it struck me, 32 years old from NY. All he wanted was fast cash. Wah!!!! Go cry little Baby!!! I didn't get my way!!! WAH!!!! I don't trust Mills Road at all. Just like our 32 year old cry baby, they want a fast easy buck and don't give a damn about the share holders. I will grant that Jundt was a crook, no doubt. And yes, I am not happy that some of his buds are still on the board. But I would much rather deal with a known enemy than an enemy that has aleady proved, they only care about themselves. So far, I like what I see with the new CEO and the new Web expert. I'm long like you. And if these Morons continue to drive the stock down, I pick some more up on the cheap!

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    • but why didn't you vote them off? Nobody said you had to accept the MRC guys. The BOD could've found somebody else, but the 2 MRC guys had excellent experience. How in the heck where they not better? Once on the board they have the fiduciary responsibility to do the best for shareholders which means reviewing all offers not just accepting them.

      The reasons for voting for the incumbents is retarded. Sorry to say that but you guys haven't provided any reason for keeping them other then ignorance.

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