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  • wdcrestzoo wdcrestzoo Dec 6, 2006 6:56 PM Flag

    Hey Junky!

    And Garp and Qofslave.

    Correct me if I am wrong please.

    The increased quidance for the last year were as follows: Q2 18 days after quarter ended, Q3 3 days after quarter ended, and Q4 13 days after the quarter ended.

    Also it looks like every time they increased the quarters guidance they increased the yearly guidance by less than or equal to that same amount. When of course if one quarter is better than expected most rational people would say maybe the other quarters will be better as well. This allows them to constantly low ball the numbers and then beat and in the Q4 case, destroy the estimates.

    I think it is smart as the worst case scenario is they meet or just barely beat the low ball numbers and everyone is still happy. That being said, they will blow the numbers out of the water this year in my opinion so it just gives us lots of chances to buy in low before the break out up.

    Also, it looks like in Q1 last year they did not pre-announce but just came out with earnings 24 days after the quarter ended.

    Once again if you are a short out there please start shorting again. I will take your money with a smile.

    Any pull backs to $45 or lower are a gift from god and probably only likely next week after the split as lots of silly people like to take one of their "free" shares and sell them. Even if we stick around low $50's I will be backing up the truck some more before Q1 results come out.

    I suggest you all do the same, except the shorts of course.

    Thanks ahead of time Junky, Garp and Q, you guys keep this board honest.

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