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  • jacosa jacosa Jan 23, 2009 11:50 AM Flag

    Should be up 5.00 bucks

    This is a negative Alice in Wonderland stock. If you read many analyst reports, you've seen the drill. Used to be, back in the bad old days a decade ago, that you'd read about a company that had burned a couple of big capital infusions, had 30 pending patents and not much else, no earnings, no prospect of earnings in 3 years, and then MAGIC MUSHROOM! Analyst would justify a positive valuation with some strange tricks of arithmatic.

    EZPW, by any kind of conventional analysis, is worth well over 20 (never mind what you get from DCF with low interest rate, 15% initial growth and 3% growth at the end), but DRINK ME! Management agreement mumble...regulatory risk mumble...restricted markets mumble.....I remember Phillipe Kahn complaining that the ANALists were PENILEizing the software industry (His company, Borland, had a spiffy new word processor to sell and he was having trouble getting marketing money at the time).

    Ah, well: it's worth whatever price balances buy and sell orders. But there'd be more buy orders with analysts who ran numbers, looked at realistic prospects and left it there.

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