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  • jacosa jacosa Mar 25, 2010 1:50 PM Flag

    Who reads IBD?

    Old-timers will remember that before the 3 for 1, EZPW was a favorite of Investors Business Daily. I heard that they're starting to notice it again, but as much to the point is that the stock is back in the $20-30 range that appeals to the readers of that paper.

    Anyone have a read on the present attitudes and activities of that demographic group?

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    • Whoever they are, we seem to have gotten their attention again.

      I'm one of those dull covered calls guys, but I left some exposure un-hedged when EZPW crossed 20, "just in case" (My broker said "You're paying $xx to sleep better").

      Being a dull fundamentals guy, too, I'll entertain tha possibility that rather than today's move being IBD types rediscovering an old friend, it may be shrewd handicappers judging that the Goldman suit makes it more likely that consumer financial protection will focus on banks and brokers rather than small loan providers (yes: regulatory environment is a fundamentals issue).

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      • this company has massive earnings power. forget about regulatory reform. banks are not lending. this guys are pumping credit to everyone thats being rejected by a bank, and that number is rising by the day. banks are just puting their money to work in the capital markets, they are not lending, and wont lend until they have cured their books and unless you have an 800Fico score. EZPW will easily surpass the 30s by year end. AIMHO

    • Demographic? William O'Niel's book "How to Make Money in Stocks" will teach you how to read and interpret GRAPHS accurately-or at least reasonably-no matter what sector of the economy the stock of the company is in. What 'demographic' does this address ? My guess is individuals with an IQ at least one standard deviation over body temperature would define its 'average's' lower bound. But an even smaller subset of these individuals may actually want to understand economics and the history of its development. They will have to familiarize themselves with the AUSTRIAN SCHOOL, the school IBD usually keeps well under its 'event horizon', in favor of the English School. I say 'usually', because they have run focus pieces on Frederick von Hayeck and even--drum roll please-- Ludwig von Mises! Indeed ONLY this latter school will familiarize you with the Continental ORIGINS of the English School. Thus IBD's fairly 'rootless' approach to economics will NEVER 'cure' you of conscious/ unconscious KEYNESIANISM-- of either the Democratic or the Republican variety- which makes exclusive use of IBD in any attempt to actually LEARN economics--abortive!

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