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  • ikane92 ikane92 Jun 30, 2011 8:35 PM Flag

    Cramer says buy EZPW

    I watch Cramer. Sure, he is a little wacky but he does provide a good place to gather ideas. Some of his picks work and some don't. It happens to us all. But he has been right about a lot of stocks also LULU, CMG, CAT, CRZO.

    I am not defending him or attacking him. He is entertaining and a good place to gather ideas. I like that he brings CEO's on his show. It's hard to find interviews with them besides on investor days and earnings announcement. They give you a better idea of their business.

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    • Entertainment is fine. Broadening horizons is even better. Chats with CEOs have some value, although I could give quite a list of situations where CEOs gave totally misleading presentations time and again.

      What makes me nervous is that Cramer's research is thin, and he is subject to rages when a company does worse than he expected for a reason he thinks somebody should have pointed out to him. EXPW's structure is extremely public knowledge, but did anybody explain it to Cramer?

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