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  • stockguy946 stockguy946 Oct 19, 2012 9:46 AM Flag


    For the past 2 days EZPW has been crushing Bears, giving them the horn! The day has just started its okay if it fell a little this morning, no biggy! Trace back and it has the yoyo effect, many times it has opened up higher and drops down, approximately starts going back up around 10 o'clock. one thing is confirmed, that bull trend is in effect and will continue for the next several days.

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    • SAME OL SONG....................

    • look at that! just as the big boys start buying the stock goes up! Now wait until the general public jumps in, an easy 10% gain ahead!

    • Huge trades on T&S!! someone is buying large! Usually someone that buys 2 million in shares knows what they are doing!

    • charts are looking great, looking to buy around 19.40!! Will hold for a 3 weeks and target set over $24

    • Just took a long position and already in the green!! Thank you for the alert guys!!!

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    • I like to gather a lot of public data on a stock before i jump in and for the last week, i have had my hands, eyes and ears on Ezcorp. no matter where i look everyone is very very bullish, seeking alpha says "50% plus potential". I got the green light, seems like a slower move but a mover none the less!


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    • EZPW reminds of a horse racing out of the stall, as fast as he can. Each stride is calculated, the ground shakes with each kick. Just when you think this horse is about to get faster it poops out! EZPW might has shot out of the gates this morning but guys lets be realistic, this guy is a more of a snail then a black stallion. I don't want it to be a horse, i'm okay with a snail; as long as it moves in the right direction. So what if the volume is low, does it matter? ye if your scalping, which if you are with EZPW.... there is something wrong with you! This is a great stock if you want to hold for 2 weeks or so and ride the trend. Slower the the better i say, look at it, it has been very bullish for the last couple of days, even though we didn't see it do 8% everyday! it does around 1-2% and i'm happy with that. The wild horses are better left alone. So if you think that this is a buckin bronco, your wrong! This is a gentle, slow mover, that will surely get to its destination. I say mid 20's are not too far off. About EZPW pooping out, it won't poop on you! it just likes to move .... slow :[

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    • with you 100% bears have no idea how this stock works, this fall today was a given. Look at any stock, once it goes up its gotta come down and then go up and then down again. Common pattern, no need to get excited for it. since this is a slow mover is does take time for it to come back up but one thing is for sure that it will go up and bears will be crushed. You can tell that it is making attempts to go higher and higher.

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    • This is nothing! Bears should be really scared by EZPW, People have no idea that this stock is gathering momentum and will be in the mid 20's very very soon. You have no idea how many bears are going to get burnt. I would strongly suggest to stay out if your a bear otherwise go long and you will be laughing to the bank. Look at the charts, this stock is screaming to go up!!!!!

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