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  • showmethemonee showmethemonee Jul 29, 1999 7:30 AM Flag

    Pawn business

    The pawn business is a neighborhood business that
    depends on location and convenience. There is no benefit
    to even having a common name on the store. Customers
    are not going to drive out of their way to go to EZ
    Pawn if Hugo's Pawn is down the street. This is truely
    a business where brand name doesn;t matter. They
    don't do any advertising so there's no benefit there.
    They don't buy mass quantities of merchandise like
    WalMart so there's no benefit there. The only benefit is
    the ability to acquire samller chains and solo stores
    and grow the capital base. This would have been a
    much smarter strategy--stick to the south and buy out
    independents. And who gives a flip what the stores look
    like--not the customers, for sure--if they need a loan
    right away the place could be in an outhouse.

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    • sorry karen. i was just trying to get my point across.

    • for Vince and Dan to be held at Barton Creek Resort. Thought this would be a great place since they spend most of their time there anyway.

    • I think you just proved my point !! Getting kinda
      testy are we? Before you jump too fast, if you'll
      reread my post you will see we are on the same side
      --> I too agree the problem is with current
      management. Time for a change. But not just cause somebody
      has a bad personality, but because of the direction
      the business is going. Need a change to improve the
      bottom line and fear not Scotty boy, a change is coming

    • when you wrote �Well, to heck with all that
      personal stuff --- >� i don�t think you really
      understand the situation and just how personal it is. so to
      heck with you! i still have a lot friends at ez and
      they are very unhappy. the problem is current
      management. they, vince and dan, have made bad decisions.
      these bad decisions have cause resentments in the ez
      family. ez won�t get better until the bad decisions are
      corrected. this means firing a lot of managers through out
      the company. i can only address the IT management who
      are really not people orientated. and what do have
      personalities, are kiss ups to management and were very
      immature. they came in from the state of texas and went
      power crazy!

    • Very well put!

      Why would an exec. worth
      his or her salt work for these characters. I think
      you have arrived at one of the basic flaws of this

      Even more basic is the fact that the voting stock is
      controlled by management, the stock holders have bought
      shares in a company of which they have no

      Stock holder rage can easily be summed up as..."buyer
      be ware".

    • ...bash current management in Austin all you
      want, it's the NYC guys who are clueless. They are
      investment bankers who had a few lucky deals in the
      80's--they don't know how to run companies and they wouldn't
      recognize good management talent if it bit them in the ass.
      They have either gutted, bankrupted, or sent the
      market value plummeting with every company they've
      owned--check out Crescent Jewelers, Friedman's Jewelers (FRDM)
      as well as EZ Pawn. The same thing has happened with
      each company--and the only constant in the equation is
      THEM. I seriously doubt if any exec worth a damn would
      work for these guys.

    • This company needs a change.

      The stock has
      been killed in my opinion as Mgt has undertaken a
      rediculously fast expansion, and ballooned the debt
      level..just in time for rates to be hiked by the

      And we still have the whole in the bucket with Mrgan
      Stiffer sucking out over a half mil annual..waiting to
      tell us when we can do a public offering. My opinion
      is that this is just plain and simple graft- WE HAVE

      Hell, what we have paid for advice is what we would
      have raised in an offering!!!!!!

      Yo danno,
      nope, not the right time for an offering in here buddy-
      have you sent the check yet? Gracias

      Count me as headed out of this POS

    • Well I guess it has been established here that
      some of you out there support the current management
      and some wish the former boss would come back. I
      think it is pretty simple --> the stock is at a very
      cheap level and the current mgmt has been directing
      things for 5 years now. I don't see any earthshattering
      ideas coming from them either. Face it, it is time for
      a change. And all stockholders should welcome it
      because the investment community is waiting for a change.
      We got ex employees and current employees and
      business partners all with various opinions based on
      personal feelings. Well, to heck with all that personal
      stuff ---> we need something done that will bring
      this baby back. A change will do that !! and it will
      happen sooner than some people think IMO. So you better
      believe I'm looking for some more spare cash to buy at
      these levels. Heck anything under $7 is a STEAL !!

    • Yes It is true, EZ-Pawn purchased my store in
      October of 1997. This store in Las Vegas is the number
      one store in almost every category of there 320 or so
      stores. #1 in Loans and Sales. I would say that they did
      not over pay for anything. If you were to ask your
      friends at EZ, who are close to the financial they would
      love to have a dozen more of those stores. Get your
      facts, before you shoot your keyboard


    • i have seen some idiotic postings on this board,
      but this one is by far the most ignorant of a
      statement as could possibly be rendered, except for the
      chileman comment about corkey motivating his people. The
      only people that would support something this idiotic
      are the ones that were simply too stupid to realize
      what he was doing to the company. Unfortunately, i see
      some of you on this board. I would laugh out loud but
      unfortunately i think you are serious. Read up on what he did
      to this company. Grow a brain.

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