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  • bp_bk_2010 bp_bk_2010 Jan 24, 2011 6:25 PM Flag

    Contract news leak today? Nasdaq listing?

    Something happened today. Just a matter of time until we know. I a buyer anything under $5 cause this is way way way way way too undervalued here with the cloud sector booming and getting stronger everyday and every year. What egain needs is more Vodafone contracts and nasdaq listing then its a CRM type hype bubble stock to $100. Remember EGAIN was once a high flier per the ipo days years ago. Pull up MAX chart and the technical 1 year and 6 month chart. engulfing flames here $2-$2.50 likely here by this friday. I think they report first week in Feb.

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    • A bubble would be nice but I wouldn't have the nerve to hold.

      I think Ash and Eric would jump up and down telling people to not buy their shares if a bubble actually developed again. At the Needham conference they said that eGain's shares were "attractive relative to peers." I may be reading too much into it as I tend to do but I think they are acknowledging that they do not know what the ultimate value of the company will be but they are comfortable saying it is a better value than a company like RNOW, ININ, LPSN, etc. All fine companies but I just have a really hard time believing they will be the cash machines their stock market valuations would indicate.

    • Looks to me like a buy at market order

      1.60 500 OBB 15:46:52
      1.50 500 OBB 15:46:32
      1.50 163 OBB 15:44:58
      1.50 1387 OBB 15:44:58
      1.425 130 OBB 15:44:43