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  • hd.barney hd.barney May 3, 2011 11:00 PM Flag

    1500 volume? Are you...

    Kidding me?! Anyone want to venture a guess why we've been stuck here for awhile? Sellers don't want to let go for less than 2.60 and few buyers for anything above that? eGain hasn't hits anyone's radar?

    Earnings projections?

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    • My guess is someone bought a position after the last investor's conference presentation, taking out anyone interested in selling below $2.50. Now there is no one really buying or selling much. As before any substantial volume takes us in the direction that buyer or seller is going. This will change when earnings are released next week. Meet or miss and I think it goes down. Beat and I think we can really take off. Especially if guidance gets adjusted up again. The valuations of the competitors continues to amaze me, but their revenues are much greater. We need some growth beyond the previous guidance.