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    March 17, 2003 Qtly Report OVERVIEW -1

    March 17, 2003 Qtly Report OVERVIEW -1-

    ">>Innovative Medical Services began as a provider of pharmaceutical water purification products. Although our current revenues are still primarily from the pharmacy industry, we have expanded from our niche pharmacy market into other, broader markets with new products, including residential and commercial water filtration systems, silver ion bioscience technologies and boric acid based pesticide technologies.

    Water Treatment Division The Fillmaster(R) pharmaceutical water purification, dispensing and measuring products include the Pharmapure(R) water purification system, the FMD 550 dispenser, the patented Fillmaster 1000e computerized dispenser and the patented Scanmaster(TM) bar code reader. We also market proprietary National Sanitation Foundation certified replacement filters for the Fillmaster Systems.

    Our Nutripure(R) line of water treatment and filtration systems includes a line of Nutripure whole-house water softening systems, a line of Nutripure reverse osmosis point-of-use systems, the Nutripure 2000 countertop water filtration system and the Nutripure Sport filtered sport bottle. We distribute our various Nutripure products in several ways, including retail sales, catalogue placement, business-to-business sales and internet promotion.

    Bioscience Division Our bioscience division features a patented, aqueous disinfectant called Axenohl(TM). Based on the EPA toxicity categorization of antimicrobial products that ranges from Category I (high toxicity) down to Category IV, Axen, with its combination of the biocidal properties of ionic silver and citric acid, is an EPA Category IV antimicrobial for which precautionary labeling statements are normally not required. This compares with Category II warning statements for most leading brands of antimicrobial products.