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  • cvdpro cvdpro Aug 24, 2011 4:08 PM Flag

    Interesting response from the company

    I sent a message to their investment's relationship, I basically stated the company should initial a dividend/buy back program if the balance sheet was acuurate.

    But basically, company blamed the low stock price to the current market condition.

    Come on, if a company's P/E is 1 and balance sheet is so strong, the company should take advantage of the current market condition and buy back its own share like no tomorrow.

    I am afraid this is a scam if the company does not do anything even the P/E is one.

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    • IR's response was correct. Chinese small cap stocks are in the toilet.
      GURE was buying back shares, but it didn't help.
      In the last quarter, GURE stopped buying shares.
      GURE has a lot of accounts receivable.
      Perhaps they might be having trouble shipping product.

      ZSTN has no problems that I am aware of.
      Just a lack of stock buyers. ZSTN is repurchasing shares.
      Perhaps ZSTN has stopped.
      After all, at 10 cents a share they could buy the entire float
      and keep 90% of their cash.

      Be careful about buying too many shares.
      In the past I was a little piggy and wound up throwing up right at the bottom.

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      • Thanx Edison.
        I appreciate your response and support.
        I threw up yesterday so that must be the bottom.
        Nobody has yet brought up the notion of a lack of buyers. I agree.
        What can ZSTN do to bring in buyers???
        If anyone reading this has answers, plz write ZST at with suggestions.
        All letters are read. You might not get an answer right away, and Im sure theyre getting alot of letters, but all are read...

    • I agree. If not just ZSTN, but the other Chinese micros are real, insiders would be buying like crazy. If earnings are real, they would be basically getting a 100% return on their money every year and they would know that and buy.

      I bought MWE and NGLS two years ago. I made over 500%! How did I know to buy?

      The insiders were buying like mad. They saw the future and reacted.

      So why aren't the Chinese insiders buying?

      Evidently they know their numbers are phony. When they start buying - so wil I.

    • is this a scam;or are we just getting ready to spring violently up

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