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  • stockerpicker stockerpicker Mar 24, 2012 12:23 PM Flag

    Xinyuan (XIN) fraud, accting irreg.

    The two things that were identified on the call as possible reasons for a low valuation were (1) fears of a China property bubble, and (2) fears that there is accounting fraud at $XIN.

    is this position a fraud? 21-Jan-11 04:48 pm
    but i really don't have another explanation for the poor stock performance than i) this position is considered a fraud by wall street.

    XIN’s share price reflects concerns about fraud in US listed Chinese equities; XIN is listed on the NYSE.

    Homebuilder Ponzi Scheme!! 15-Jan-08 03:33 pm

    Pretty sure this scam / company is managed from the Caymans... A friend of mine spent a year abroad in Xinhua as a contractor... He says he's never heard of these guys before, thats why I am shorting the HELL out of this garbage ponzi scheme...

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