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  • stockmantykus stockmantykus Mar 25, 2012 2:47 PM Flag

    ZSTN fraud, here's why:

    They could take the company private with one years earnings and make absurd amounts of profits to pump into their salaries.

    Why don't they do this? Because it's a fraud. No divvy, no real money, buncha bagholders.

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    • Their cash balance has been audited every year by their auditors. They would not sign off unless they checked to see that their cash existed. If they had no cash, why didnt this show itself years ago. Why now? With 3 separate auditors since 2008 and ZSYN having a clean balance sheet and sign-off without any problems this is highly unlikely.
      Rumours without proof are meaningless. State facts that you know of. Share your facts.
      You havent stated 1 fact about the company.

    • I was right.

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    • Your statement doesnt make sense. Sorry...
      ZSTN went public in 2008 for the reason to become a public company. The CEO is an entepreneur and has old-fashioned Chinese ethics and has no plans to go back on his plan of growing his business in the public sector.

      ZSTN doesnt need the money from going private.
      They are expanding and are looking for partnerships and possibly buying out other companies. They have more GPS business than they can handle.

      ZSTN is keeping with their plans from 2008 when they went public and have no plans to change it. They are not greedy. Their desire to be a public corporation is of pride in their company and growth into a large company. No can do if they were to privatize. Sorry.

      ZSTN doesnt offer a dividend becuase theyve seen and takled with other companies and found out that while offering a dividend might drive the price up in the short term, it doesnt provide a lasting position. Also, if they ever cancelled their dividend, the stock price would plummet and they would never recover.

      I owned TPI Tianyin Pharma and sold it before they cancelled their dividend. Their stock price plummetted never to recover ever again.
      It is costly to provide a dividend. If they were larger like Baidu then they would offer a dividend. Why would they want to go private???

    • So you should short shares at these levels if it is a fraud then you can make money. Earnings will be announced this week, great time to short the stock before it crashes on the earnings news.

      Or you could buy and hold.
      This is a 2.30 stock and you posted 5 times over the weekend it is a fraud. So put your money were your mouth is or just be quiet and watch what happens when earnings come out.

      I expect you were scared out of your shares last week.

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      • Thanks Mark. Ive been an investor with ZSTN all these years and they are very consistent in their balance sheet and income statement.
        There was a large increase in revenue & sales in 2010 due to their new GPS products, but it seems everyone it attacking the company for no good reason. They are consistent and have followed all SEC guidelines. Their auditors have never found any problems. I dont get it.

    • 100 employees, 30 million profit in high tech with vitually no R&D,

      unheard in China, if everything is real, this would be a super small company in china.

      Also, chinese interest rate is very high. Banks pay at least 3% for higher balance. Yet, for 50 million cash viturally no debt, the interest income was only 50K last quarter.