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  • cvdpro cvdpro Mar 27, 2012 9:19 AM Flag

    ZSTN's GPS estimate

    ZSTN basically distribute GPS System/service for East Coast Diversified Corporation(ECDC), they had business relationship for a while, at one time last year, they even talked about the merge according to the ECDC.

    ZSTN has launched a commercial line of vehicle tracking devices utilizing ECDC's GPS tracking technologies and support services for transport-related enterprises to track, monitor and optimize their businesses.

    For the first six months of 2011, ECDC's total sale was around 370,000.

    ZSTN claimed the first nine months total GPS/Service sale was 15 million.

    Assume, ECDC's whole year total sale was 1 million, ZSTN compromised 40% of ECDC's sale. ZSTN was able to resale for 3 times they paid to ECDC, so the whole year GPS/SERVICE sale should be no more then 1.2 million, There is a huge gap between estimated less then 1.2 million GPS/Service sale VS 20 million ZSTN claimed.

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    • CVDPRO omitted an IMPORTANT part of the agreement as any clever shorter would do.

      (I am quoting the agreement verbatim from CVDPROs own article he posted in HIS note):


      "In the agreement executed at ZSTN headquarters on May 25th... Both Companies agree to a six months development period for implementation and training of ZSTN staff before launching operations. "

      June 2011-Dec 2011 both companies were in an implementation & training mode.

      Sooo, starting Jan 2012 through Dec 2012 and I quote verbatem:
      "As part of the agreement, ZSTN will commit to minimum quarterly purchases that should meet an annual delivery of $5ml US dollars worth of products and services from EarthSearch."

      The important point here is that it starts at the earliest January 2012. Of course if both parties are not ready they may at their discretion push this date off until they are both ready else it is not a true agreement...

      Usually I miss these types of statements shorters use to purposely misquote or omit critical points that can destroy their negative arguments. Finally caught one in his deceit and omissions!