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  • t_qett t_qett Mar 28, 2012 6:31 AM Flag

    I Think They Are Being Halted Because

    they usually have already put out press release on earnings date about this time.Basically they are late about reporting the date that earnings will be reported.This makes it very probable that they will be late reporting earnings.

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    • Please , can any one tell me why any business need more than 3 months after the end of the quarter to tell us what they sold and what they spent and what is left over money if they have any.

      I do believe any company who can't report onetime, doesn't deserve to be a public company.

      for GOD sake we are in the computer age, all the numbers should be ready and accumulated in the computer, we use numbers not guessing and fabrication.

      The only reason why a public company want more time to report is to find way to explain the fraud hoping they can mislead the GOV and the shareholders.

      please answer me....

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      • Im sorry I dont think anyone knows the specifics. Concerning their filing of the SAIC in China, this was done in the past to meet regulatory requiremnets and they didnt pay much attention to the figures on the forms.
        The SAIC is used to pay taxes only. They said they didnt intentionally do this as it has been common practice in China to file the SAIC in this way. This was several years ago so I believe this problem was fixed last year and this year due to public concerns.

    • This could be the Nasdaq request for further info - asking the company when they will be filing. Zstn in turn needs to ask their CPA firm to get a date.

    • NASDAQ will not halt a company unless it's a significant issue.

      If it's earning related

      The only possiblity is that company informed NASDAQ that it won't be able to finish the quartly report/yearly report on time. So NASDAQ wanted to know the nature of the delay.