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  • cvdpro cvdpro May 8, 2012 3:01 PM Flag

    Unload my entire position

    at 1.26-1.28 today, bought 15,000 at sub $1, so the overall loss is not too bad for my last 5,000 shares.

    I just noticed almost every small cap chinese companies reported bad results recently, it only proves that everyone was crooking their earning in the past. Never believe the cash balance on their book.

    Good luck everyone.

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    • I agree that Chinese companies have no credibility -- which is why I bailed some time ago -- but is it possible this is overdone?


      PS see Time Magazine cover article in this weeks Time Mag

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      • I agree most chinese companies financials are fishy., Only one I know for sure is legit is gsol. ceo grew up in small town in south central nebr. companies been in business for 40 years traded on board for 10-12 always makes money and basically has no debt. know ceo would believe all of financials. stock gets pummeled because everytone thinks ALL chinese co. are fraud

      • Basically, lots of small companies claimed large cash position on their book, yet, the company does not seem to care the stock price no matter how low it is.

        ZSTN, they raised over 24 million dollar in the US market a while ago, current market value is less then 15 million, no action from the company.

        VALV: Claimed to have $2/share in Cash , virtually no debt, yet the CEO unloaded large position at around 1.40.

        GURE, it claimed large Cash on its book, yet it had to borrow some money from the bank last quarter, why?

        CMED: claim to have over 100 million on its book, yet, can not pay several million interest for the bond holder(Surprising, AER took big position and stock is still trading at pretty high level).

        list goes on!

    • Great job shorties.Goodluck destroying others.

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      • I wish I short the stock long time ago, unfortuanately, I was on the long side and lost over 30K on this position,

        Short does not destroy the stock price, the fraud does.

        If this company islegit, it makes perfect sense for the company to buy back their sharess at current price.

        I am afraid the company choose to go dark. AES really saves us some butt in this case.