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  • johnedwardbutler johnedwardbutler May 1, 2013 12:34 AM Flag

    What is the strategy?

    So - do you think that we are going to have to endure watching the price of ZSTN slowly creep up to its real value (over a long, long time) or will they declare that the new CFO and proper accounting will allow them to list it at its proper value. I believe that their intention is to hold us hostage for as long as possible and hopefully relieve us of our few paltry shares at a premium.

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    • If I can get book value for my shares; I will be very happy! The company should be around $10 and change if their accounting is accurate. To early yet to know what ZST management is up to in this matter. They just are not saying anything to the remaining shareholders including Deutsch it seems. The company only has to come up with 49% of the book value of the company - and a lot of it is in cash and receivables - current assets. Only 11 million is property like plants, etc... In other words; the company can easily buy us shareholders out! Wonder what they are thinking?

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    • My stategy is to accumulate as much as I can! We have a court order to pay the largest shareholder $8.61/shr. That's bound to be paid to all shareholders as I can't imagine only the big fish in this #$%$ stock (but good company) getting paid. So I'm rooting him on. How come this board is so dead? Have there been discusions on the CEO's NYC home being raided by Federal Marshals? or the SEC filing of his subsequent "resignation"? Clearly it's a risk but my reading of the tea leaves and subsequent bet is that all shareholders get paid. No stock for sale today.. maybe tomorow!

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      • From the NY Post 4-19-13

        "For Deutsch, the next step appears to be an international treasure hunt for ZST’s assets. “We are leaving no stone unturned,” said Rob Seiden, the receiver who has been tasked with locating ZST’s assets for Deutsch. Seiden, president of Confidential Security and Investigation, said ZST is still “actively in business and operating in China.”

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