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  • mofisher22 mofisher22 Jun 13, 2013 12:24 PM Flag

    Question for open minded folks with knowledge

    If what I read is correct, this company is trading at about 2/3 book value, has about 50 % ownership by insiders and institutions, has plenty of cash, justgot confirmation from Nasdaq that it is in good standing, and has one o the most recognizable names in the business. Seems to me the sp should be much higher. I know some complain about management, but if it really that bad, couldn't that be corrected?

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    • Most 'investors' seem to forget that the most IMPORTANT item is EARNINGS. Yes, I know it is a novice idea but making profits is important. This LOSER not only is LOSING money but burning aggressively through cash on hand. It has lost the most credible board member - Wayne H who knew is credibility was being questioned and got out of this LOSER, ENTIRELY! He was in it for the past buck and he failed here. Many key customers have terminated their contracts with this LOSER most due to being uncertain if they would receive product necessary to carry on their operations. And who cares if they now meet NASDAQ requirements. If this LOSER stays under $1.00 for the next six months the ISSUE with NASDAQ will even be more prevalent. Finally, check out the volume. There is none for a stock under $1 pps. And what INTELLIGENT investor would purchase a LOSER like this particularly when it is under $1 pps.
      Disc: I have NEVER had a position in this LOSER but warned on YAHOO at the inception of this LOSER that this stock would be a LOSER! Stay away from this LOSER as I predict it will be bankrupt within 2 years at the most!

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      • 3 Replies to edblue1003
      • edblue1003, the polished turd being NASDAQ compliant means nothing. Their performance does not and never will again support a share price of $1.00 per share or greater. Continued listing on NASDAQ only ever really mattered if the polished turd had a solid business plan, was cash flow positive (or a plan anyone believed and which they could provide some detail on, regarding how they are going to get there) and was not continuing to post large quarterly losses. They are rapidly heading towards the need for liquidation based on their cash burn rate.

        They may very well be there before the attorneys are able to get paid any money for defending all of them in the shareholder suits, potential full-scale DOJ investigation and a potential FTC investigation (which Byrne alluded to in the last earnings conference call (see script)).

        While Berrard is a major shareholder, he really is not anymore. All of his shares are pledged to Daddy Huzienga as collateral, as are the other two New River Capital sock puppets, Byrne and Aucamp's. I guess they all feel they might need Daddy H's deep pockets to help them pay attorney fees and keep them out from behind bars? Of course, the collateral they have pledged to Daddy Huzienga is as worthless as the hind teets on a boar hog to him.

      • And who cares if they now meet NASDAQ requirements. If this LOSER stays under $1.00 for the next six months the ISSUE with ISSUE with NASDAQ will even be more prevalent. Finally, check out the volume. There is none for a stock. you never had a position in SWSH but you keep posting bs get lost, who needs you and take maddens47, mark_haime, sumthing_s tomleibner, a hole grog28 is a loser, mop_bucket, notta_thin, chkecheze "is gay", stoploss101, bigp696910, bathroomwiz, eloyartiaga99, bay_8931, mgm_debt_bomb, ed-blue, spear_77_99 dartpicker, purrinkitti tonybelowme buliish_pho...mant237 bayonne_gu.. .pierre98982 spiro_mill... dayofreckon... tedmounted burrned4u jettababa18 darealkingfish roll_whss_8 brokenteeth stanerck swhshwayner soapseller98 honest_john101 ed blue 1003 mtw12355 is the biggest #$%$ truthisgood299 is a Dumb #$%$ brokinteeth meimine boxcompany1" smashersok auagboy docsavageinvestor" BS artist swishertoiletboil anonymous7654371 "one post wonder" ab849977 sirfactand beelate with you for you all don't have any skin in this play so you claim. Haaaaaaaaaa

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      • One of our best employees left today to join a competitor. I am now resigned to the fact that it is just a matter of time before we are done.

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    • the stock was $8.77 in 4/2011. Mgt has demonstrated that they have no clue how to acquire companies, integrate them or manage them. There are no barriers to entry and low margins. They lose more money as they acquirer customers, so they don't know how to scale. The positive is it's 94 cents.

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    • I got some today. I like that : they are finally Nasdaq compliance and will be profitable in 3Q.

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    • So mofisher22 there it is you heard it first here. The tribe has spoken Haaaaaa

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    • Mo, you are correct! This is a great company with great potential. The problem is the stupid numbers. How the hell do they state that they are losing 75 million a year if things are so good? If only numbers had a brain. I keep telling my guys that just because they are not doing things correctly and they are losing key employees, accounts and money, doesn't mean things will not turn around. The numbers will figure it out soon enough!

      Let's buy this company together!

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    • Balance Sheet 101, you have to do more than compute numbers. There is $157 million of worthless Goodwill and Intangibles.

      Lesson 2. Those insiders only care about themselves. Less 3: the cash burn rate is suchit will vanish in 6-9 months, not including the costs of shareholder litigation and possible DoJ and FTC investigations.

      Back on the short yellow bus.

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