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  • dickeymellon dickeymellon Mar 19, 2013 2:47 PM Flag

    Bear Bleecker next top pick PCYC

    should be a good one to ride down, we all know what happens to a stock after multi-posters like BearBleecker or Durango talk it up. Just do exactly the opposite of their advice and you will be filthy rich

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    • PCYC down over 10% since BearBleecker said go all in. Classic Durango and BearBleecker... Please enlighten me on some more strong buys, wink* wink* hehe

    • PCYC tanking hard ever since BearBleecker came out with his strong buy - congrats to those who continue to the opposite of their advice, all of their stocks have been getting gutted

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • As an aside, I never rate stocks "strong buy" or advise people to go "all in" on anything. (Although dickeymellon, according to his posts on Yahoo!, mortgaged his home last year to go "all in" on MOTR, just one of his disastrous 2012 picks.) There seems little point in posting here unless you actually have a viewpoint beyond "strong buy" or some information to share. I never go "all in" on the market as a whole or on individual stocks. I always have a fair percentage of cash in my accounts and I generally have at least 40 stocks in my portfolio.

      • Dickymellon, my original shares in PCYC were bought at around 20. Since those were in my IRA, I've taken profits there several times. In my taxable accounts, my average basis is around 25. Yes, and congratulations again on your outstandingly bad investment advice. Incidentally, you seem to have vanished for several months there and only recently reemerged. Given the investments you were touting last year - and according to you,mortgaging your home to buy - I assume that you haven't been vacationing on the Costa del Sol.

    • Do the opposite of Durango and get rich? My current holdings cost an average of around $8.50 post split. I sold some shares in the low 40's on the way up because I was way overweighted after a 500% gain. I sold a few shares earlier this year in the low 50's to pay three kids tuition. If the shares go to zero on my remaining shares I will still have a gain, as the result of my earlier moves, of nearly 200%. Go right ahead and do the opposite of me. Of course there have been numerous clowns, such as yourself, posting this same dribble, while I was riding the rocket ship up. It seems there is a never ending supply of fools.

    • #$%$, I've followed your unfortunate investment history, trailing around in the wake of hot stocks, trying to pick up nickels. If you were one of the Pittsburgh Mellons, you could have reduced them to penury within a few years.

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