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    "...[a capitalist] has little if any loyalty to
    his own country and is willing to exploit human
    misery in third world countries for personal

    I find it rather contradictory to argue in favor of
    loyalty to domestic labor and against "exploitation" of
    foreign labor. Loyalty here seems to mean a company
    should keep the factory here in the US and forget about
    the d--- foreigners. When jobs are shipped abroad,
    companies are criticized for being unloyal, greedy, and
    exploitative. But creation of jobs abroad creates work for
    foreigners. You may say the wages are too low. Fine, I agree.
    But those workers take the job because they don't
    have better opportunities. To argue in favor of
    keeping jobs in the US out of loyalty or patriotism is
    not compatible with the idea of helping poor foreign
    laborers. If you take away their jobs they will have to
    find another job, and it will probably be even worse.
    If not, then why would they want those
    exploitational jobs in the first place? If you say, well, they
    are poor and have no choice, then you agree with me.
    That is not a rebuttal. I'm simply saying keeping jobs
    in the US is not a way to help them out.

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    • Example: Appprox. 1993 Catapiller, Illionis
      plants... found that they couldn't compete with Kamatso,
      Haundi and others with high paying union jobs. The CEO
      let the union go on strike. Catapiller rehired scabs
      as replacements and gave them great benefits 401K
      matching, pention, etc. The union was killing productivity.
      Catapiller has roared back and they still have not hired
      many of the union workers back. They also were able to
      produce more products with 1/3 less people.

      think about 15% of the workers crossed the line to save
      their jobs. You can learn from the past and union's had
      their day and American companies are more than fair on
      compansation and working conditions. American companies are
      the safest and best in the world. Reality is tough
      but TWI will come back strong, most likely without
      this union.

      By the way, I am neither management
      or employee. A keen investor in CAT and recent buyer
      of TWI.

      Any rebuttle?

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