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    What impact will the opening of the Brownsville plant have on the union in DesMoines? Will the company shift manufacturing to b'ville and will that plant be unionized? Just curious

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    • The Brownsville plant will be utilized to
      manufacture different product mixes than the Iowa plant. The
      Brownsville plant will be non-union. It's to bad the union
      really didn't make an educated effort to accomadate
      growth now and then once the company is running smoothly
      and profitably they could obtain a good contract. Now
      they are unemployed at Christmas time. I've always
      said that the national union leaders always screw the
      locals. But when the national union leaders are making
      $100,000 plus per year and flying around the country for
      free its understandable why they don't "understand"
      the locals. I will keep buying this stock at these
      levels. The company is repurchasing shares (600,000 last
      quarter) and once the brownsville plant is open, natchez
      is open, strike settled, and world markets stabalize
      this company will have sales of over one billion per
      year and a very nice profit margin. The stock was a
      good buy at 12, its a steal at 9.

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      • Taylor boasted in May of having a billion dollars
        of sales by year-end. It doesn't look as if they'll
        come anywhere close to that number anytime soon. I
        think he was trying to divert the company's
        shareholders' attention away from all of the company's other

      • You can see where it is headed Everybody loses
        when the union and company butt heads. Well not
        everybody,Firestone has got
        a big chunk of the contracts that were
        Titan's. They also have
        around 150 of Titan's union
        employees.A large number were
        hard to replace mechanical
        and electrical workers.Many of these
        workers won't
        come back even if Titan agrees to a
        contract that restores the pension plan Titan termanated
        when the
        plant was purchased

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