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  • nutstoobolts nutstoobolts Jun 10, 2013 10:37 AM Flag

    2 DOWNGRADES of TWI today...below $19 again!!!

    BIFF-boy, i told you friday that TWI's mining market has dried up, BOTH in the USA and world-wide....

    2 ANALYSTS DOWNGRADED the stock today...

    i know - what do THEY know?? a heck of a lot more than YOU DO!!


    you buy stocks like this, MEA, TA, AFFY - ALL #$%$!!!!

    few of the stocks you buy ever trade 1 MIL. shares a day...that 's a KEY FUNDAMENTAL!!!! why??? because it indicates active interest, and without that interest, the pps will NOT go up!!!

    some day, maybe, YOU'LL LEARN!!!!!

    YOUR TEACHER - but i can't be bothered teaching you - you're a FAILING STUDENT!!!!

    and, when a stock like MEA or AFFY goes up 25% above where you bought it, you SELL SOME!!!!! why?? because the gains will be fleeting...remember the lesson you supposedly learned from me with PEIX??

    apparently, you didn't learn....too darned dense!!!


    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • NTB, the mining part of the business is small. They don't even break it out in the reports.
      We got the bad news Friday and the price dropped to $19.43 and bounced back and closed at $20.71.
      Then today, Monday we get two downgrades but what do they have to go by? Taylor said: "I have been telling you for months that there is no shortage of tires." That's interesting because I listen to the CC's and I have never heard him say that. NO SHORTAGE OF TIRES BUT HE JUST HIRED 300 WORKERS !

      Taylor said they will be lowering prices because the cost of materials is going down. He will have to lower annual guidance but he doesn't know how much yet. He called this a bump in the road and will affect TWI for about 3 months.

      I have been buying TWI shares this morning, but I will be trading it all the more after this..

      TA ran from about $2.80 to $12.50 and is resting.
      MEA?...the economy needs to improve a little.

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      • BIFFY-boy, get a BRAIN TRANSPLANT - it's time!!!!

        TWI's CEO is lowering prices because costs are going down, and is LOWERING GUIDANCE - but does NOT know by how much yet. That sure fosters CONFIDENCE!!! LOL!!!!

        mining isn't TWI's only problem - farming is just as big an issue - and without either one, they have NOWHERE to go for sales...DEERE is in farming, not mining!!!

        so, now you will be 'trading' TWI all the more'. WHAT A HYPOCRITE!!!!

        and you were D-E-A-D wrong about MEA - you just don't have the guts to say so, but that's exactly what 'economy needs to improve a little' means!!!

        if SCHN - which OWNS the metals recycling business, and is at a one-year LOW at $34, can't cut it, MEA is DEAD in the water!!!!


        YOUR TEACHER, mr. BRAIN-DEAD BIFFY-boy!!!!


        Sentiment: Strong Sell

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