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  • GrzAdms GrzAdms Feb 18, 1999 8:00 PM Flag

    Tenacious Farmer

    You guys investing in Titan remind me of the joke
    I heard about a farmer that won a million dollars
    in a lottery. When they asked him what he was going
    to do with it, he said "Well, I guess I'll just go
    on farming til its all gone."

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    • That's a pretty good one!! Why don't you go on
      and sell out now and that way you can give everyone
      who stays in or buys now a big "I told you so."
      Unless of course when the market turns up and you buy
      back in around three or four dollars above the current
      price. Then you will probably turn suprisingly
      optamistic on the growth potential of twi.

      make fun of other's forcasts unless you later want
      them making fun of yours. I know that I'll only lose
      money if I sell low. If I hang in eventually it will
      turn around. The only question is how much. Will I
      eventually lose a little or gain a lot. That's the fun of
      playing the market. The best advise is "don't invest what
      you can't afford to lose". So go on and sell out.
      Others will gladly take your place with the slightest
      potential to reap great rewards.

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