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  • rfeyn_47 rfeyn_47 Sep 17, 2001 7:08 AM Flag

    ot: protection for computers against

    terrorism. Check this out... could be the solution to virus/worm attacks globally, stops viruses cold and disables them before they can cause damage:

    "PACEL Corp.'s patent pending PACE Module (Pre-Access Control Element) could have prevented this destruction. Using the company�s software, the macro virus would not have had access to the address book, would not have been able to delete media files, and would have alerted the user that �something� was going on� all without the need for frequent updating. PACEL�s soon to be released product, e-Centurion, protects the "inner door" to your computer files from access by an unauthorized process--virus or other--that has penetrated the "outer door," normally protected by a firewall and anti-virus software. PACEL Corp. has developed a new and powerful approach to PC file protection. Its patent pending e-Centurion software compares what is trying to access your files against a list of approved applications for any particular file or type of files, thereby permitting access only to approved applications. e-Centurion is more than an "anti-virus" product, e-Centurion actually protects your PC from viruses that enter the system when your anti-virus software fails. Unlike current anti-virus products, e-Centurion doesn't need updating when new virus strains are released; it simply prevents a virus from executing. This innovative software protects computer data from attacks by blocking hackers, preventing malicious access by computer viruses, and secures personal privacy by preventing attempts to steal information from files."

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