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  • dont_sell_yet dont_sell_yet Jan 26, 2002 6:35 AM Flag


    Some of the less informed/knowledgeable holders of MAGS may be making some kind of a connection between recent terrorist attacks on Israeli population and the effectiveness of MAGS as a security company or the effectiveness of Israeli security in general.

    This is a great mistake which routes from lack of understanding of what's going on here.

    I'll start with a general description of the situation here with regards to Israeli security efficiency, in gereral (not MAGS related):

    Point I

    Israel has been in an extremely uncommon situation for the past 16 months, in which on the one hand we have been declared war upon by the Palestinian Authority, in effect, but on the other hand, due to different reasons which I can't fully describe here now, we never really said: "Ok, this is an all out war and we are going to act accordingly and fight like in a war". I, like many other Israeli citizens (probably the majority of citizens) oppose this approach and call for an "all out war" with the Palestinians with the intention of bringing the situation to a final VICTORY of Israel over the Palestinians. But, again, Sharon and the other politicians have their reasons as to why this situation should still be regarded as a "continuous wide battle" and not react like in a war.

    It is important to understand that Israel hasn't been using even the smallest fraction of its military might till now. We use our weapons,military vehicles, aircraft,etc... in a very "clean" way and a very precise way (like in a "pinpoint" surgical operation where you try to use a laser beam to cure a cut). The Palestinians know this and are taking advantage of this. It is very frustrating because we know, they know, and each side knows that the other side knows that if the army gets that long awaited green light from the politicians, the fire could stop in 24 hours (not the historical conflict, true, but the fire). Notice that when we re-occupy certain areas for a limited time - there are no (or MUCH less) successful attacks on Israel, and when we retreat - the attacks return.

    In any case...we are not using even the smallest fraction of what we have in our arsenal and are limiting our responses due to the extremely complicated situation we are in here in the area. We have other fronts to worry about as well and other considerations to remember.

    Point II

    For every event you get on your local news abroad - we have 10 other events which are not reported (it's obvious that foreign reporters can't devote ALL their air time just to Israel). Our army and police forces are on constant high alert for over a year now, intercepting potential attacks on an hourly basis. For every attack that succeeds there are many that do not. We hear about them here, you don't abroad (besides, when there is no blood - what interest does it have to the general public, right CNN?)

    Point III

    When we are attacked, it is in buses and bus stations, train stations, restaurants, coffee shops, malls, pedestrian malls, family gatherings in private buildings (like the recent "bat-mitsvah" party in Hadera), streets, etc. We reached a situation recently where there must be a policeman at the entrance of every private room/hall that has a private gathering in it (PRIVATE, not public!!) and have been having police forces at the entrance of public buildings since 1948. Imagine the stress put on the police forces on a daily basis.

    This brings us to the MAGS connection.

    <continued in next message>


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    • The MAGS Connection

      Please remember that MAGS isn't the one that is supposed to stop the attacks on every bus station, street corner or pedestrian mall when they are carried out. There are other solutions for these attacks which have nothing to do to MAGS.

      What MAGS *can* do, is block the terrorists when they try and leave their cities and towns which are located within the Palestinian Authority controlled areas.

      There are several smart electronic fences of MAGS around PARTS (not all!) of the Gaza strip. The rest of the Gaza strip is surrounded by regular fences + barb wire.

      Gaza strip is an extremely SMALL area (check the map!).

      The majority of terrorists reside in the "West Bank" ("Judea and Sumaria") much as it seems surprising, although there are many military checkpoints and blockades around the "West Bank"...get ready to be surprised...there is actually NO FENCE that prevents people to cross that **imaginary line** dividing Israel and the West Bank territories!!


      That's one of the biggest debated questions nowadays in Israel. The reason is mainly POLITICAL because if you surround them with a fence you are actually declaring, de-facto, the BORDERS OF A STATE.

      If you want to know my own, personal, opinion - I am all for a smart electronic computer controled fence of Magal around ALL the territories even though I am more to the right of the political map than atila the hun (kiddin'...) and think that they should NEVER gain independence under current conditions (for at least 25 years till a whole generation has passed).

      So...MAGS doesn't have ANYTHING to do with the fact that they can get out of their cities and attack us because MAGS hasn't been given permission to surround the territories with its products (accept a certain small area around the Gaza strip).

      On the other hand, MAGS has fences along our *international* boarders with Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt which have had *0* penetrations for YEARS.


      Do NOT blame the Israeli military for not being able to stop the attacks.

      Do NOT blame MAGS for not being able to stop the attacks.



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