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  • dizzycoffee2000 dizzycoffee2000 Apr 28, 2002 8:57 PM Flag

    A Few Words on Jenin.

    I've never taken a single political science class - so excuse my ignorance - but -
    Isn't the UN part of the Arab League?
    (It seems that way to me.)
    I don't even understand why the US is still a member of the UN!

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    • "Isn't the UN part of the Arab League?"

      ha, ha. good one.

      You don't have to take political science classes (an overplayed reference to my sharing, at his questioning, a bit about myself with DSY) to question if a fight to the death war is the right call at this point in Isreal's history.

      And, like the U.S., the unilateralism in response to atrocious crimes is, IMO, a grave mistake. I can't see, although I do try, how current Isreali policies are doing anything to increase Isreali security....not in the short-term, and not in the long term. They do seem to be very effective in polarizing and firming up sympathy and support for the palestinians, however, as well as diluting sympathy for Isreali victims. I can hear a loud and resounding "The rest of the jew-hating world can go f*ck itself" from some in response to my opinions.

      That's okay. There are angry people all over the world for all kinds of reasons. I just wish that something constructive could begin to come out of this anger and effort.

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      • Euroyank,

        On a philosophical level,

        Can you accept a situation in which 1 side wants peace while the other side simply does not?

        Lets take Germany 1933-1945, for instance.
        Could it be possible, in your mind, on a theoretical level, that Churchill wanted peace while Hitler did not?

        But yet, Churchill also sent his air-force and ground soldiers to retaliate against the German Nazis, right?

        On the one hand Churchill wanted peace, but on the other hand he was FORCED to use military reactions.

        Could it be that the US wants peace but Bin-Laden does not? Could it be that the US wants peace but Saddam Hussein does not?

        Is it possible? On a theoretical level?


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