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  • dizzycoffee2000 dizzycoffee2000 Jul 3, 2002 5:53 PM Flag

    know who your enemies are, too....

    answer you from now on.
    He seems to have the knack for dealing with you.
    (Williewoe - where are you?)

    Nasdaq, you got this piece of fiction from a French website?
    (Now that's what I call "Reliable Sources" - NOT!)

    Let's say, to give you the benefit of the doubt, this were even TRUE.
    You know what - the Israelis can come spy on me ANYTIME!
    I don't have to worry they are plotting to fly planes into buildings, or national monuments.

    In fact, maybe we NEED Israeli Intelligence at every airport in the United States.
    They would probably do a much better job of identifying terrorists then we do.

    They are proficient in that, thanks to your
    Palestinian buddies....

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    • Also, the Israeli's can check up on our relationships with our aaraab friends, like Saudi Araabia...just in case our oil intrests become more important than our true Democratic friend Israel.

      Also, Nasdaq you got to find better U.S. companies (have you taken a look at the charts of Cisco, IBM, Intel). Compare their 3-yr chart to MAGS....Isn't your opinion that the Nasdaq is going to 1,000...what will those tech companies prices be then??? I would much rather own a defensive security (excuse me fence) company in today's world. Plus the Israelis seem to have the most 1st hand experience with these issues. Don't you agree???

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