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  • l_ukkie l_ukkie Jul 25, 2002 2:00 PM Flag


    Dear DSY

    Patronizing....that's pretty funny, coming from you. I suggest you read your own posts.

    I came on to criticise Sharon's decision to bomb an apartment building full of people to assasinate one man. It was nothing personal against you.

    You chose to attack me for my criticism, which is your right. I chose to respond to your self-righteous and moral pontifications in the way I saw fit. My right.

    Yes, you are right, based on your contributions here I have absolutely no respect for you (although I do feel sorry for you and all people that inhabit the miserable area you live in).

    I have been reading this board since Nov., and have never missed your posts. Does this mean I know you? Of course not. But I know plenty enough to voice a dissenting opinion to your war cries.

    "I do not like your patronizing attitude one bit."

    That's a laugh. You seem to have Israel's problems all figured out.

    Let's see, you ask, off topic, what in my opinion the US gov. should have done post 9/11. I think they SHOULD have done the same thing that Israel should do--appeal to their powerful friends and allies to intervene and police the problem with massive numbers of neutral peace keepers. IE. hit Afganistan with hundreds of thousands of intl. troops and scour it for al queda, and keep them there until a self-sustaining and peaceful democracy was in place. If it takes twenty years, so be it.

    Same thing should happen in Gaza and the West bank and wherever Israel's neighboring enemies are found. There should be a Palestinian state, and the US, and the rest of the world, should spare no manpower and expense to see this happen ASAP.

    Oh yeah, Israel should concede its 'spoils of war', and go back to 1967 borders.

    I understand quite well that all of the above will only happen over your dead body. You are too learned on the problems, too stuffed full of your own anecdotes and lesser-evil comparisons to ever see the writing on the wall.

    Israel's current policies are flawed, and at least from my view, seem purposely counter to any lasting peace.

    By the way, I am calm. YOU calm down. YOU listen. Sanctimonious blowhard.

    yours truly,

    one man who wants for Israel

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