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  • zaporozhetz zaporozhetz Jul 26, 2002 4:00 AM Flag

    My Last Post to Ukkie.

    "I wish there were some other voices from Israel on this board, I would like to get a better sense of what the moderates are thinking"

    Ukkie, I have to dissapoint you that there aren't any moderate Israeli's left. I do not mean the so-called liberal politicians who get EU funding to express their pro-Arab views.

    There are quite a lot of Israeli's who elected the late Yitzhak Rabin beleiving that Israel can and should take a calculated risk, and try to reach a solution by means of negotiations.

    They gave him that chanse, and they gave Barak another chanse, but now pretty much everyone understands that further talks are without merit, and Mr. Peres has made a joke of himself.

    There can be no peace until both sides want peace so bad, they will require nothing in exchange. There will not be land for peace, there will be only peace for peace, land for land, and sadly, war for war.

    Finally, i strongly recommend all of you to watch FixNews if you want to get an objective prespective on the Midle East and many other issues.

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    • Thanks for piping up, zaporozhetz.

      Fixnews? Do you mean Foxnews? I hope not, not if you are looking for objectivity. They are widely regarded as the most conservative network in the states. Hardly a place for moderates to turn, although compared to the bulk of the rhetoric on this board, it must seem very objective indeed.

      As to the failures of Rabin and Barak and Peres and the 'so-called liberal politicians who get EU funding to express their pro-arab views"....I guess maybe you did mean Fox news :)

      I agree with you that there will not be land for peace, but I think that, aside from a peace agreement, Israel should unilaterally pull back to 1967 borders. A bit of moral highground would serve them well at this point. I understand that it is an idea that is gaining popularity in Israel (and also understand that I will be no doubt be skewered here for saying such a 'naive' thing).

      Anyone care to comment on the veracity of that? I read about a recent poll undertaken by an Israeli paper with just such data. I will try to see if I can come up with some links myself.



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