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  • katman11072002 katman11072002 Jul 26, 2002 11:00 AM Flag

    My Last Post to Ukkie.

    As l_ukkie stated, "I said 1967, as, from my 'education', I understand is an idea supported by at least 50% of the Israeli population, the US, and virtually the rest of the world. Funny, nobody here much likes to talk about borders.
    When I mentioned moral superiority, I was referring to DSY claiming that Israel's military was morally superior to any other in the history of the world. I don't agree. Simple."

    1967 Borders? Oh, you mean the Saudi plan...Has the U.S. stated that Israel needs to withdraw to 67 borders?
    I really wonder if more than 50% of Israelis back that idea...considering that it would leave Israel(as in 1967) extremely vulnerable to attack. Back to an extremely narrow stip of land in places and of course our Arab friends have better(& more) weapons (and more money from Europe, Saudi A., Iran, Syria, Iraq, and anyone else)...Yeah, that should get the job done. And they will be very satisfied with their 67 borders...RIGHT....I think you're living in a dream world...maybe if we all pray asking for the Arab culture to become tolerant, peaceful people it will happen overnight...keep on have a right to, but it's not reality today.

    By the way, what countries military has proven itself to be morally superior to Israel? None I can think of.

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