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  • df2830 df2830 Jul 31, 2002 6:10 PM Flag

    IT'S A 0 OR 1 GAME HERE !!

    Genocide? Killing off the Palestinians? That's one way I guess.

    But how about just ending the occupation? Leave every inch of land captured in June of '67. Live with the 78% of pre-1948 Palestine (the 56% granted by the UN and the 22% you cleansed and captured in the 1948 war) and leave the rest. The Palestinians were there long before you, they deserve a home as well, no less than you. You can't hold up a bible and claim the land is yours. You've taken most of it, leave the rest. Israel is an occupying force, settling civilains on captured land in contravention of all international law.

    At this time, Israel is no different than any other occupying army in history - they are the bad guys. This is not a war, it's a slaughter. I don't see tanks and F-16s razing Israeli neighbourhoods, I don't see Israeli health, educational and civil infrastructure ripped up in the name of fighting terrorism, I don't see Israeli children malnourished and living in squalor. Israel is the occupier, Israel is the strong party here, and as such should make the right choice. It should leave. Leave all occupied land, every inch and leave the settlements intact for the Palestinians to use, in exchange for the right of return - a right of return which they have a right to under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Geneva Conventions and numerous UN Resolutions.

    That would be the right way to do things, but it seems you would prefer to kill them all. Well, you can do that, you have the power, and I'll bet that if no one was looking, you would. But this is the 21st century and everyone is watching, so you can't. Eventually, the world, and even the US is going to see this for what it is, an ethnic cleansing land grab on the part of a minority of Israelis who are quite convinced that God Himself gave them the land from the Jordan to the sea, all of it, and to hell with those that are already there. The future of Israel is being held hostage to a few crazy settlers and their political clout. Imagine, some guy with a Brooklyn accent and a few hundred of his lunatic friends exclaiming that the city of Hebron is theirs by divine decree. Meanwhile, surrounding their 20 year old illegal settlement are 100,000 Palestinians with 1400 years of history in Hebron, who can't leave the house after 6:00pm, by order of the IDF. And the world is focussed only on Islamic fundamentalism! Hypocrits!

    I know this much: God, if he is God, cares no more for you than he does for the Palestinians, the Italians or the Native Americans.

    There will never peace without justice. End the occupation, join the civilized world and the killing will stop. The suicide bombings did not happen in a vacumn. People like you would have us believe that in the beginning there was terror. Well, there wasn't. In the beginning there was theft of land and ethnic cleansing by the State of Israel. That original sin has yet to be put right.

    And it's not called Judaea and Sumaria, it's called Palestine. Get used to it.

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    • df2830....You don't have a clue of the go back into whatever hole you crawled out of!!!!

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      • Good answer katman. That'll solve everything.
        End the occupation, and all this will end. It's all about injustice, and until it's put right, there will be no peace. The Palestinians have very little left to live for, so they die and they take as many Israelis as they can with them. They have nothing to lose. The Israelis have everything to lose. You figure out how this is going to end: genocide, ethnic cleansing, or justice for all. I know what I wish for, but it's people like you and others on this board that hope for a massacre. Give back what was brutally taken and the road to peace will become clear. The Palestinians themselves, given hope, will isolate and silence the violent extremists among them. But first, Israelis must do the same. They must liberate themselves from the clutches of the settler movement and the likes of Sharon - history will judge this madman to be the worst thing that ever happened to Israel.

        The Palestinians are not blameless, but they are occupied. Israel is the occupier. It's a shame that there hasn't risen a Palestinian Ghandi, Mandela or Martin Luther King, but that does nothing to excuse the brutality of the Israeli occupation. The Indians under British rule, the South African majority and African Americans were all deserving of emancipation, whether these great were there to lead them or not.

        You use this board as an excuse to espouse your hatred. What this board is really about is greed and racism. I've noticed that the lower MAGS sinks, the more hateful the rhetoric on this board becomes. When the violence ends, so does MAGS. Every time you see footage of another suicide bombing, every time another Israeli shell or bomb lands in the midst of civilians, whenever the innocents of either side are slaughtered, you see $, don't you?

        Be ashamed, be very ashamed.

    • You are 100% WRONG. You don't know history. It is NOT "occupied" land! It has been called Judaea and Sumaria since biblical times. There has NEVER been an independent country called "Palestine."

      Spare everyone your ignorant platitudes. You just don't know what you are talking about so you spout what you think sounds equitable. Why can't we all just get along? Right? Let's just flip a coin... that sounds fair.

      It is amazing that anyone so ignorant of the history of the world could be so ridiculously opinionated.

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      • It hasn't Judaea and sumaria for 2000 years. Somebody else moved in, remember, or are they "not even human"?

        It is absolutely occupied. All those soldiers and tanks and things, yes those are the signs of an occupation. The curfews, the checkpoints, the humiliations, the confiscations, the well poisonings, the olive tree uprooting, you know all that fun stuff that the IDF and settlers like to do, that's occupation.

        Your myths are your own. They mean nothing to anyone else.

        And I'm not suggesting you all get along, I'm suggesting that Israel is a brutal occupying force, it is the root cause of all this violence and it should get get the hell off of all the land it has stolen by force and occupied ever by force since.

        Judaea and Sumaria appear only in Israeli textbooks, they are a myth. Palestine was never an independent country, but it will be, very soon. Get used to it, or you can stay bitter and ignorant all yourlife. Perhaps you can tell your children about the mythical lands of Judaea and Sumaria one day.

    • Thanks for chipping in, df. Very well done.

      You will be branded an enemy of Israel for it by a few people blinded by hatred and pain and frustration, but I�m with you.


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