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  • katman11072002 katman11072002 Jul 31, 2002 10:33 PM Flag

    IT'S A 0 OR 1 GAME HERE !!

    df2830....You don't have a clue of the go back into whatever hole you crawled out of!!!!

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    • Good answer katman. That'll solve everything.
      End the occupation, and all this will end. It's all about injustice, and until it's put right, there will be no peace. The Palestinians have very little left to live for, so they die and they take as many Israelis as they can with them. They have nothing to lose. The Israelis have everything to lose. You figure out how this is going to end: genocide, ethnic cleansing, or justice for all. I know what I wish for, but it's people like you and others on this board that hope for a massacre. Give back what was brutally taken and the road to peace will become clear. The Palestinians themselves, given hope, will isolate and silence the violent extremists among them. But first, Israelis must do the same. They must liberate themselves from the clutches of the settler movement and the likes of Sharon - history will judge this madman to be the worst thing that ever happened to Israel.

      The Palestinians are not blameless, but they are occupied. Israel is the occupier. It's a shame that there hasn't risen a Palestinian Ghandi, Mandela or Martin Luther King, but that does nothing to excuse the brutality of the Israeli occupation. The Indians under British rule, the South African majority and African Americans were all deserving of emancipation, whether these great were there to lead them or not.

      You use this board as an excuse to espouse your hatred. What this board is really about is greed and racism. I've noticed that the lower MAGS sinks, the more hateful the rhetoric on this board becomes. When the violence ends, so does MAGS. Every time you see footage of another suicide bombing, every time another Israeli shell or bomb lands in the midst of civilians, whenever the innocents of either side are slaughtered, you see $, don't you?

      Be ashamed, be very ashamed.

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