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  • l_ukkie l_ukkie Aug 11, 2002 8:37 PM Flag

    From the ME Times

    Story about a student's photography exhibit, as well as comments about the university bombing.

    A good example of how some in Israel are looking beyond the hate. Heartening to read the quotes by the Pres. of the University and the History professor.


    PS. rgill- Is that the best you can do? I suggest you concentrate on your real enemies, and leave the snide comments to others.

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    • Mr. Ukkie -

      rgillscap is right -
      you won't wake up.

      Do you still think there are no hard-core jew-haters and anti-semites on this board?
      Just as one example (and I could probably give you 100) - check out the 7-part rant by nasdaq_1000bust (post 2720 through 2726) and 2781 is another one.

      I still haven't found his famous "David Duke is my god", but I'm looking...

      • 1 Reply to dizzycoffee2000
      • Okay, Dizzy

        if nasdaq is a 'hard-core-jew-hater and anti-semite', than others here are 'hard-core-palestinian haters and anti-arab'. It's all a perception. Like you, I've been reading this board since 9/11. Daily. I know what nasdaq has posted. I didn't see anywhere where he expressed glee at dead Israeli civilians (perhaps I missed it), but I have certainly seen you, your husband, and DSY call for some pretty horrible things regards Palestinian non-combatants.

        I don't want to debate nasdaq. I don't know him outside his posts, and I don't know anyone else here.

        How about a comment from you on the ME Times article I posted yesterday? I thought it was remarkable that a member of the military and a student could come up with a project so insightful. I also thought there was much hope in the quotes from the uni. pres. and the history professor.

        It shows to me that it is all relative. I get hammered here daily for having my head in the sand, not understanding ME history, etc. How about commenting on the views of those that have been part of the occupying forces, who run a university on the edge of hopelessness, or who teach history with a dash of hope still left in their heart?

        I'm wide awake, thanks. Are you?


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