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    • Ther is much comment needed. As it is presently constituted, Israel is a terrorist, Apartheid, racist state which has imprisoned millions of native Palestinians in their own homes and villages, this after destroying some 400 Arab villages and cleansing the population. The Nazis would be proud. Anyway, their are a few, very few, in Israel who have a caught of glimpse of their own brutality in the mirror of humanity.

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      • Well, OK, let's compare.
        Israel is a terrorist state, right? Compared to who? Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Al Queda, Hamas, Al Aksa,? All those countries are peace loving, right? For your information, Israel only retaliates and does not institute terror attacks and never has. Israel alone in the world is supposed to accept terror attacks and without response. That's what you anti-semites want.

        Apartheid? OK. Say, there are Arabs living in Israel aren't there? They are allowed to live there and pray as they wish without interference. The arabs can and do vote and elect arab members of the Knesset. They can even speak out against the government and its policies, without fear of retaliation... and they do often. Incidentally, can any Jew emigrate to Syria? Or to Saudi Arabia? Or any one of the Muslim countries? Can they pray openly according to their conscience? Can they be elected to the legislative body? Oops, forgot there are no elected legislative bodies in any of the Arab states. Jews can live in any other country in the world but not in holy "Palistinean" territory! I don't suppose that makes the Palistinians a free and open democracy and only Israel is Apartheid.

        So what is it the Arabs in Israel complain about? Oh yeah, they can't serve in the army and there are certain areas they aren't welcome to come live.
        What was a humanitarian decision of not forcing Arabs to serve in the Army (which is dangerous duty that all other citizens have to undertake) and conceivably have to fire against other Arabs has turned in the minds of mindless ignoramouses as an example of discrimination. What a horrible example of discrimination... "They can't serve in the military" It is a Jewish plot to deny the Arabs of the army retirement benefits! Bring it up at the UN and at the next human rights conference.

        What about those places they can't buy homes? (As if it was so crazy not to want to have a potential terrorist move in next door!) Well, another fact of the matter is that the specific land under question was bought and paid for by money collected from Jews around the world for the express purpose of having a place for Jews to live. That was the covenant for what the money would be used for. So now Arabs want to move in... there is also the practical matter that many of those places require guard shifts around the clock. Guarding from who? Arabs that's who and do you think the rest of the community who depends on those guards to protect them would be able to rely on those Arab guards?

        Your other stupid comments about 400 Arab villages and Nazis are simply beneath contempt. You are either a Muslim extremist or a nincompoop who has bought into the propaganda from the madrass hate schools.

      • 1. Thanks, DF.
        Now I have another writer to add to my ignore list -

        Gideon Levy joins -

        Noam Chomsky
        Kathleen Christison
        Robert Fisk
        Amira Hass
        Edward Said

        and the other writers popular with the Electronic Intifada.

        2. I apologize for posting after saying "See You in September."
        I can't help myself.
        Seeking out the TRUTH is a COMPULSION with me.
        I will try never again to make a promise I can't keep.

        3. DF -
        Are you just STUPID?
        Are you DELUSIONAL?
        Do you know NOTHING about the history of Israel?
        Are you on the PAYROLL of the Palestinian Propaganda Machine?

        (And what a BANKROLL it has!! -
        Please read post 3104 to see how United States tax dollars have helped to support the Palestinian lobbyists - makes ME want to PUKE!!)

        DF - How dare you write such CRAP -

        "Israel is a terrorist, Apartheid, racist state..."

        The people of the State of Israel
        deserve nothing less than SAINTHOOD (can Jewish Israelis be made saints?) for their
        Compassion and Restraint in dealing with an Enemy so Demonic -
        an Enemy that Poisons the minds of their innocent children and then when they are exploding with Venom - sacrifices them.

        4. As William J. Bennett has said -
        "Keeping faith with the people of Israel in their still unfinished confrontation with evil is, to me, a species of keeping faith with ourselves; breaking faith, a species of self-negation.
        It is exactly that simple, and exactly that difficult, and exactly that consequential."

        When there is no more Israel -
        and I fear this is where we are headed -

        our World will be diminished,
        less bright,
        less courageous,
        less moral,
        less caring,
        and by the time anyone realizes the extent of this TRAGEDY - it will be TOO LATE for all of us....

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