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  • katman11072002 katman11072002 Aug 21, 2002 6:18 PM Flag

    let me make it clear for all of you!!!

    Hey NAZI Mike...looks like you weren't able to answer my last post....Tell me, are you planning to join a Muslim terrorist group or are you already a member?

    Maybe you a part of 911?

    Who's doing your writing for you? Your white buddy Davi Duke. Posts of yours in the past were barely readable. For example:

    Re: NASDAQ - this one's for you...
    by: nasdaq_1000bust
    Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Sell 08/14/02 04:38 pm
    Msg: 3091 of 3144

    "Dizzy bitch or what ever in HELL you go by nowadays. You�ve been EXPOSED!!!
    You are no better than these suicide bombers or the Israeli Terror Forces IDF. If there is hell, I know you are the Chosen One to rotten in it with Sharon and the rest of his killer terror forces.

    Say to Hitler and soon Sadam"

    So who's writing your posts for you Mike? We all know that you don't have the intelligence or schooling to improve the verse so much.

    One more thing NAZI Mike, DSY may have a good point. You're not going to change the minds of DizzyCoffee, DSY, Miggie, Rgillscap, and definitely not me. We're just going to continue to Harass you with THE TRUTH. What you think is the truth is almost all total baloney.

    You might as well talk to a wall, because NONE OF US ARE EVER GOING TO THINK LIKE YOU! You're wasting your time here.

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