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  • df2830 df2830 Aug 21, 2002 10:03 PM Flag

    let me make it clear for all of you!!!

    Good words nasdaq1000. All true. Here's a few more from Haaretz, especially for dizzy. She could use a few more writers for her ignore list and book burning.

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    • df -

      You and your buddy nasdaq just don't understand me at all.
      I DO NOT burn books.
      It is important to know your enemy.
      As time permits (since I do have a full-time job), I try to read everything you post.
      I make an exception though when nasdaq does 17 posts in a row (though that's not his record) -
      I believe his record is 23 in a row.

      That is just too obsessive even for me, and just makes me want to IGNORE him.

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      • "It is important to know your enemy."

        you are absolutely correct!!! Lets get to know you through some of your previous comments :

        I REPEAT -


        They must be eliminated ONCE AND FOR ALL!!

        THE SIDES ARE DRAWN.....


        And yes - I stand by what I wrote before - They - and all like them - need to be exterminated before they infiltrate our souls -
        and take away our humanity.

        These are NOT beings created in the image of god. These are truly the devil's offspring.

        One thing for sure, you would make Hitler blush.

    • Here's something else, by one of dizzy's favorite writers. This is one of the finest expressions of truth on the matter that I have ever read. I wonder if the resident MAGS brownshirts can actually read it before tossing it into the fire.

      Punishment by detail

      Aside from the obvious physical discomforts, being
      ill for a long period of time fills the spirit
      with a terrible feeling of helplessness, but also with periods of
      analytic lucidity, which, of course, must be treasured. For the
      past three months now I have been in and out of the hospital,
      with days marked by lengthy and painful treatments, blood
      transfusions, endless tests, hours and hours of unproductive time
      spent staring at the ceiling, draining fatigue and infection,
      inability to do normal work, and thinking, thinking, thinking.
      But there are also the intermittent passages of lucidity and
      reflection that sometimes give the mind a perspective on daily
      life that allows it to see things (without being able to do much
      about them) from a different perspective. Reading the news from
      Palestine and seeing the frightful images of death and
      destruction on television, it has been my experience to be
      utterly amazed and aghast at what I have deduced from those
      details about Israeli government policy, more particularly about
      what has been going on in the mind of Ariel Sharon. And when,
      after the recent Gaza bombing by one of his F-16s in which nine
      children were massacred, he was quoted as congratulating the
      pilot and boasting of a great Israeli success, I was able to form
      a much clearer idea than before of what a pathologically deranged
      mind is capable of, not only in terms of what it plans and orders
      but, worse, how it manages to persuade other minds to think in
      the same delusional and criminal way. Getting inside the official
      Israeli mind is a worthwhile, if lurid, experience. con'td

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      • In the West, however, there's been such repetitious and
        unedifying attention paid to Palestinian suicide bombing that a
        gross distortion in reality has completely obscured what is much
        worse: the official Israeli, and perhaps the uniquely Sharonian
        evil that has been visited so deliberately and so methodically on
        the Palestinian people. Suicide bombing is reprehensible but it
        is a direct and, in my opinion, a consciously programmed result
        of years of abuse, powerlessness and despair. It has as little to
        do with the Arab or Muslim supposed propensity for violence as
        the man in the moon. Sharon wants terrorism, not peace, and he
        does everything in his power to create the conditions for it. But
        for all its horror, Palestinian violence, the response of a
        desperate and horribly oppressed people, has been stripped of its
        context and the terrible suffering from which it arises: a
        failure to see that is a failure in humanity, which doesn't make
        it any less terrible but at least situates it in a real history
        and real geography.

        Yet the location of Palestinian terror -- of course it is terror
        -- is never allowed a moment's chance to appear, so remorseless
        has been the focus on it as a phenomenon apart, a pure,
        gratuitous evil which Israel, supposedly acting on behalf of pure
        good, has been virtuously battling in its variously appalling
        acts of disproportionate violence against a population of three
        million Palestinian civilians. I am not speaking only about
        Israel's manipulation of opinion, but its exploitation of the
        American equivalent of the campaign against terrorism without
        which Israel could not have done what it has done. (In fact, I
        cannot think of any other country on earth that, in full view of
        nightly TV audiences, has performed such miracles of detailed
        sadism against an entire society and gotten away with it.) That
        this evil has been made consciously part of George W Bush's
        campaign against terrorism, irrationally magnifying American
        fantasies and fixations with extraordinary ease, is no small part
        of its blind destructiveness. Like the brigades of eager (and in
        my opinion completely corrupt) American intellectuals who spin
        enormous structures of falsehoods about the benign purpose and
        necessity of US imperialism, Israeli society has pressed into
        service numerous academics, policy intellectuals at think tanks,
        and ex-military men now in defence- related and public relations
        business, all to rationalise and make convincing inhuman punitive
        policies that are supposedly based on the need for Israeli
        security. cont'd

    • Praising NAZIdaq?!...Are you a spokesman for Hamas...or which terrorist group do you belong to? Hey D...F..., why don't you change your numbers from 2830 to 666...Much more appropriate, don't you think?

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