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  • df2830 df2830 Aug 21, 2002 10:22 PM Flag

    let me make it clear for all of you!!!

    Impoverished and starved, Gaza is a human nightmare, each of
    whose little pieces of episodes -- like what takes place at Erez,
    or near the settlements -- involves thousands of soldiers in the
    humiliation, punishment, intolerable enfeeblement of each
    Palestinian, without regard for age, gender, or illness. Medical
    supplies are held up at the border, ambulances are fired upon or
    detained. Hundreds of houses demolished, and hundreds of
    thousands of trees and agricultural land destroyed in acts of
    systematic collective punishment against civilians, most of whom
    are already refugees from Israel's destruction of their society
    in 1948. Hope has been eliminated from the Palestinian vocabulary
    so that only raw defiance remains, and still Sharon and his
    sadistic minions prattle on about eliminating terrorism by an
    ever-encroaching occupation that has continued now for 35 years.
    That the campaign itself is, like all colonial brutality, futile,
    or that it has the effect of making Palestinians more, rather
    than less, defiant simply does not enter Sharon's closed mind.

    The West Bank is occupied by 1,000 Israeli tanks whose sole
    purpose is to fire upon and terrorise civilians. Curfews are
    imposed for periods of up to two weeks, without respite. Schools
    and universities are either closed or impossible to get to. No
    one can travel, not just between the nine main cities, but within
    the cities. Every town today is a wasteland of destroyed
    buildings, looted offices, purposely ruined water and electrical
    systems. Commerce is finished. Malnutrition prevails in half the
    number of children. Two thirds of the population lives below the
    poverty level of $2 a day. Tanks in Jenin (where the demolition
    of the refugee camp by Israeli armour, a major war crime, was
    never investigated because cowardly international bureaucrats
    such as Kofi Annan back down when Israel threatens) fire upon and
    kill children, but that is only one drop in an unending stream of
    Palestinian civilian deaths caused by Israeli soldiers who
    furnish the illegal Israeli military occupation with loyal,
    unquestioning service. Palestinians are all "terrorist suspects".
    The soul of this occupation is that young Israeli conscripts are
    allowed full rein to subject Palestinians at check-points to
    every known form of private torture and abjection. There is the
    waiting in the sun for hours; then there is the detention of
    medical supplies and produce until they rot; there are the
    insulting words and beatings administered at will; the sudden
    rampage of jeeps and soldiers against civilians waiting their
    turn by the thousands at the innumerable check points that have
    made of Palestinian life a choking hell; making dozens of youths
    kneel in the sun for hours; forcing men to take off their
    clothes; insulting and humiliating parents in front of their
    children; forbidding the sick to pass through for no other reason
    than personal whim; stopping ambulances and firing on them. And
    the steady number of Palestinian deaths (quadruple that of
    Israelis) increases on a daily, mostly untabulated basis. More
    "terrorist suspects" plus their wives and children, but "we"
    regret those deaths very much. Thank you.


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