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  • mike_loski mike_loski Oct 23, 2002 11:34 AM Flag

    mags earnings

    The earnings are either on 28 or 29, called them today and confirmed, so whoever says otherwise is plain wrong. As far as this forum goes, I thought it clearly states Magal systems not political arena, should start another message board if you got issues...

    This is a great company, good management, no debt, backlog of orders and solid earnings which at this level come to pe of 10. Any idiot selling at this level should have their head examined. I trade for a living, Nite and CIBC are pushing the stock down to clear 5 and scoop it up under 5 from all the sell orders triggered, good old fashion manipulation. I am planning to accumulate over 20-30 000 shares at these levels, which are at book value in a growth industry. My friends have been alerted too and we will squeeze the short sellers:)

    Looking forward to all these selling moenkeys coming to me at these price levels.


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    • Results look pretty dismal. Lets hope the delayed startup of this unspecified $15million project will get things moving a bit more.

    • Do you much about their order backlog and their capacity? Is there any move to expand?

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      • "Do you much about their order backlog and their capacity? Is there any move to expand? "

        I was replying to this post when I said MAGS is not like most in that they will not have boxes of merchandise sitting on the shelf depreciating. They do have several large orders which might be construed as a backlog, but not in the generally accepted accounting terms.

        Posting back that I need to go read their website was unhelpfull at best. I was trying to be helpful to someone who asked a question. Stating they had several big contracts that looked like they will take a while to complete, but might have upfront costs that might hurt earnings. If you have something to say back, why not say it instead of telling someone to go read a whole website and figure out what you meant?

        Sorry if I am stepping on toes. Seems like people here are so quick to be critical of others.

      • Maybe we can get a discussion going on MAGS and generate some excitement.

        My understanding is that MAGS is more of a service than a product. electronic fences seem like something installed, but not something sitting in a box on a shelf as in inventory.

        That big contract for 80% of that fence in Israel might have some upfront costs I am thinking?

        Seems like a hot area to me.

        I also heard MAGS ceo talk and he mentioned several new contacts by year end, and they have come out with two since then, but he mentioned the U.S. specifically. Also, the other discussion stated MAGS and one other company do all the airport fences in the U.S.

        expansion? Lots of gov't bldg's need this. unlimited expansion possible.

        My other defense pick FLIR has flown. Looked like a gooner at 27...just broke 47. all in the last month. great earnings. they do thermal imaging.

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