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  • dagger452003 dagger452003 Mar 14, 2003 4:12 PM Flag

    Great posts Miggie

    Few could have said it better than you !!!

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    • Thanks! Frankly, I doubt if those who the messages are intended for actually read them. I know I don't read theirs.

      It's a shame. Most Americans are in the center of the political spectrum. We are a tolerant country, everybody can say and believe what they want and, for the most part, nobody cares. We really don't like polarization. Want to read a book about how America used to be? Read Once Upon a Town, the Miracle of North Platt, Nebraska by Bob Graham. It is about what the women and townspeople did for the servicemen in WWII in that town.

      It is inconceivable to most of us that some people insist that you must believe in their God and follow their religion or you don't deserve to live. It is inconceivable to almost all of us what these fanatics do to "non-believers" in other countries. The atrocities they commit (and have been committing for centuries now) are beyond comprehension. And when you see it here on these boards, when you read these hate-filled lies, it just astounds you. How could anybody be like that? Yet there it is!

      Can you believe that in one of the countries, (is it the Sudan?) that the Muslim "freedom fighters" actually cut the hands off the children because the President who they are trying to replace said, "The future is in your hands."

      Can you believe that in Jordan, one of the most Western of the Muslim countries, hundreds of girls are actually murdered by their own fathers and their own families because they brought "shame" on them? What "shame?" They HELD HANDS with someone who was not their husband!!! AND the murders are legally permissable according to Jordanian law! What kind of people are these? How are these things permitted in any religion?

      Israel is the only western democracy in the region. THAT is why they are hated. They are like the US... the women are free, the people (all of them) vote, they worship where and how they want. The Arabs in Israel have a better, more free life than in ANY arab country. The Muslim extremists want the world to be like it was 1,000 years ago and they could spread their religion by the sword. Convert or die ... and incidentally, they are then entitled to your earthly possessions. That's why the Muslims so focus, of all their struggles in the world, primarily on Israel. It is a breath of modernity and civilization in a parr of the world that without them would revert to the swamp it was before the Jews immigrated there in numbers beginning about 100 years ago. Make no mistake about it ... the Muslims want ALL of Israel... it is not about the West Bank, settlements, roadblocks, or anything else. They can't have it! They can't let the people know what life could be like. That is why NAZ keeps up his steady stream of vitriol, he can't admit the truth and still be NAZ.

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