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  • nasdaq_1000bust nasdaq_1000bust May 21, 2003 9:51 AM Flag

    O.T. Wonder what happened to Naz???

    Wonder no more the NASDAQ BUST is going to hit you sooner than I thought. The markets are on the verge of a total melt down! Get ready to lose it all!!
    I am glad I took some time off (during the fake rally). Now I am back with a fury.
    During my absence, I�ve come to realize that I did gain something from these four Zio�s dizzy, Katman, DSY and Maggie! So thank you for helping understand what kind of ideology your colony are build upon. And thank you for making me understand why the Palestinians rather die than live!!

    Oh yeah, and your MAGS are going to $1

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    • "Oh yeah, and your MAGS are going to $1"

      Wonderful use of the English language, Mike.

      Maybe your Arabic is better? LOL

      BTW You left out a 0, after the 1.
      MAGS will see $10, before it ever sees 1.

    • He escaped !!!

    • Mike -

      I think the docs let you out of rehab a little too soon.
      Your paranoia is still controlling your mind,
      and clouding your judgment.
      I see you are still hanging on to your
      "Zionist conspiracy theories."

      Go back to the Clinic.
      Work some more on the "art therapy" that is your home page.


    • " am glad I took some time off (during the fake rally). Now I am back with a fury."

      We have a guy who posts on the message board of the company I work for. He has a personal vendetta for reasons unknown like nasdaq.

      He posts the stock crashed if it is down 3 cents on the day. But never mentions it on the up days.

      People who are so obviously biased they cannot show a balanced outlook are just butts of laughter.

      Then to boot you admit you went into hiding when MAGS did a nice little run.

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