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    • I am interested in the stock but cannot help to participate in the "discussion". For all those countries so "interested" and "concerned" about the "Palestinians" -- including US -- what is needed is an economic base in the territories - whatever is to be considered the "place for a new state".

      Isn't it ridiculous that these people who want independence are totally dependent on Israel for employment? That would be like Mexicans constantly coming over to the US for work...


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      • > "That would be like Mexicans constantly coming over to the US for work..."

        To be precise, that would be more like Mexicans coming to the US for work, and murdering innocent US civilians on their way to and from their daily work.

        The Bush administration, together with Sharon (Israel's weakest, worse, and most dangerous prime minister ever, the most left-wing oriented prime minister we have ever had) and the spineless sheep who call themselves the "Likud" party, are creating a second Holocaust for the Jews.


    • Tomer,
      Your desire for A face to face meeting would have been A critical error on your part.
      I am familiar with DSY and his family. The apology was appropriate.

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    • "we will never be sheep again."

      tomer1299 -

      I hope that you are right.
      :-) dizzy

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    • RICH!

      Where have you been, man?! :-)

      It's *GREAT* to hear from you again!

      Hope all is well with you and yours.
      Please DO keep in touch my friend!

      All the best,


    • Rich,

      My address hasn't changed my friend...perhaps you just copied it down with an error when you switched to broadband? :)

      Send me an eMail to the following address and I'll immediately reply with my main address, from which we will continue corresponding:

      As always, looking forward to hearing from ya,


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      Apology accepted. If I hurt you with my words, I'd like to apologize as well.

      Here's a compliment for you: it takes a man of true *courage* to admit he was wrong and apologize.

      The important thing is that we try and stay as united as possible among us, and voice our opinions to our representatives in the government using every possible democratic/legal way we have ASAP. This UTTER MADNESS MUST STOP!! No other nation in this ultra hypocritical world would EVER stand the hell we have been living in for so long. I see no reason why we should. You know what? ESPECIALLY WE shouldn't!

      All the best,


    • > Saying it�s a Holocaust undermines our achievement of building a strong country that is able to fight terror.

      Israel is more *ABLE* to fight terror than any other country in the world. This only adds to the great tragedy, not subtracts from it. Being ABLE to do something, but yet NOT DOING IT, doesn't give you any points in the long run. Our military isn't the problem, our politicians ARE. The military takes orders from the politicians, and the ORDERS SUCK.

      > we will never be sheep again.

      We *ARE* being sheep NOW. Each and every Israeli who doesn't try to kick Sharon back to his farm, in democratic ways, is one of his SHEEP. Our entire government from "Shinui" to "Moledet" is Sharon and Bush's SHEEP.


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